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Imagine your advert reaching GP trainees, GP trainees about to qualify, GPs who have just qualified and their GP trainers!   Wouldn’t that be great?

Each type of advert (whether it be for a course or a job) has its own special area.    Jobs in particular are grouped according to region of the UK so that the right people can find the right information at the right time.   We even have a section for Ireland and other opportunities abroad.

The other brilliant thing about advertising with Bradford VTS is that we don’t charge big fees.   A small advert with a mainstream medical journal will cost about £1000 for a 6 week advert.    On here, its about a TENTH of that and the advert lasts for 3 months – yes, THREE times as long.   Yes, you heard right – a TENTH!   And we don’t offer you a piddly little bit of space – you get big space because we like you to be able to breathe and be creative.

Nearly all GP trainees, the newly qualified and their trainers use the Bradford VTS website as a reference resource.  So – what better place to reach out to them than on here?

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