Another GP curriculum?

Dear all,

A new curriculum is currently being proposed.  Ben Riley and colleagues have developed a draft version (a link to which is pasted below).  I’ve also included a copy of the old curriculum at the bottom of the document so that you can make comparisons.   The purpose of this email is to gather some of your thoughts about the proposed curriculum.  This is your opportunity to help enhance what is being proposed.  Some of you have told me before how you think the current curriculum headings are a bit vague and open to interpretation.  Here’s your chance to have your say.  We are keen to get responses from a wide audience – so please pass this on to your trainers and trainees.

After you have looked at the attachment, please click the link below to answer 6 simple questions.  The survey should only take about 5-10 minutes of your time.


Ramesh Mehay

Training Programme Director (Bradford)[hr]

A message from Ben Riley

Hi all, I just wanted to clarify a few points:

  • This is a proposed new curriculum structure (i.e. the content of the curriculum/training programmes would be largely the same, but the curriculum would be re-organised into clearer headings to make it easier to navigate and to map learning activities)
  • The proposed modules are greater in number but would be smaller in size than the current statements (especially the contextual statements which are quite long)
  • The hundreds of learning outcomes listed in the existing curriculum statements would be greatly condensed (there is a lot of repetition). The new modules would instead be designed more as practical learning resources to be used in everyday training(e.g. conveying key messages, tips on how to learn the topic, illustrative case scenarios and reflective questions, and links to useful resources)
  • The new curriculum would be designed to be more accessible online, rather than presented as a series of paper-based statements

Hope that helps to interpret the new headings.

Many thanks in advance,


Dr Ben Riley FRCGP

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