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We regularly get enquiries about out of programme opportunities available for Yorkshire and the Humber Trainees. Amongst others, an organisation called African Health Placements is available to help you set up an OOPE. Details are set out below. Please refer to this and the OOPE application information on our website. You would need to apply for OOPE with African Health placements following the usual OOPE application process. You should submit an application at least 6 months prior to commencing your OOPE.

I hope this is helpful to those of you considering OOPE.

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Tom Ratcliffe

GP Tutor

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Africa Health Placements (AHP)

AHP is a Human Resources for Health solutions and services organisation that has been offering overseas placements to doctors on UK postgraduate training schemes since 2006. Through the success of such programmes, the UK doctors who have worked in South Africa have helped several rural healthcare facilities survive that might otherwise have closed due to staff levels. The mutual rewards have been significant and many UK Doctors have gained a wealth of experience working in challenging posts that they have been able to then bring back to the NHS.

Our work delivers profit in terms of improved healthcare and social indicators. Over 70,000 peoples’ lives are affected by each Doctor who works in South African public hospital for a year. Having sent nearly 3,000 doctors to Africa, this places AHP as the biggest recruiter of foreign Doctors to the continent. We are very pleased to support Out of Programme Experience (OOPE) placements approved by UK Local Education and Training Boards and provide support through the whole process, from helping you choose an appropriate placement until you return to the UK.

There is no charge for our services. However, we need to register you with the Health Professionals Council Of South Africa (HPCSA) and the cost for this is approximately £800 for different elements, which is spread over a year. Placements are for a minimum of 6 months for voluntary and  12 months for paid work (which attracts a salary equivalent of approximately £33,000 for the year). It should be noted that only graduates from certain medical schools are currently eligible to work in South Africa at the present time due to licensing restrictions imposed by the HPCSA. Please contact AHP before applying to ensure your primary medical qualification will be accepted.

The EU Liaison Martin Schroeder (email address: [email protected]) can answer any more detailed question you might have and discuss any ideas about what you would like to do during your OOPE.

For further information about AHP please visit the AHP website

Dr Tom Ratcliffe
GP Tutor Careers and Recruitment
Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber

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