Free Coaching for all Y&H Deanery GP Trainees

I am writing to let you know of a new free resource available to trainees within Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber.

What’s new?

HEYH is developing a coaching resource based on the very successful London Deanery Coaching and Mentoring scheme.  The aim is to offer coaching to doctors and dentists in training, delivered by Educational Supervisors who have undergone coaching skills training.

What is the aim of coaching?

To increase potential and enhance the careers of those who access coaching.  Coaching can be of significant benefit in enhancing leadership confidence and impact.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a time-limited process involving protected one-to-one sessions, and is focused on achieving outcomes.  The sessions form dedicated time for reflection: a coach will listen to a client and challenge their thinking, but will not offer advice or problem-solve on their behalf.  Coaching typically involves around 4 one hour sessions.  These are offered free of charge.

What can coaching realistically achieve?

Commonly mentioned benefits of coaching include higher motivation, career opportunity and advancement, better decision making and improved change management, better personal and organisational performance, improved work-life balance, and better self-reflection.

What are the benefits for HEYH?

Coaching can contribute to excellence in training, as well as excellence in the performance of individual trainees.  In doing so it can contribute to improved patient safety and patient experience, as well as being attractive from a recruitment and retention perspective.

For more information or for an online application

look on our website: or email

Jacqui Lewis

Medical Workforce Manager (Education)

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