Great educational websites

THE CONSULTATION (click to open me)

  • LaCoSaMIDe – Lacosamide stands for Learning about Consultation Skills and Medical Informatics for Doctors everywhere. Yep, a bit of a mouthful but a well presented website with some great content worth checking out.
  • ROBIN BEAUMONT – Communication and the Consultation.  A fabulous collection of resources on the consultation including consultation models, dysfunctional consultations etc.   All written in a relaxed friendly styles with handouts you can print off and keep.
  •  10 MINUTE CBT – 10 minute CBT offers simple effective strategies for managing mental ill-health and promoting wellbeing. You’ll find high-quality, practical, focused training for health professionals to improve the care of patients with mental health conditions and chronic physical disorders.


  • BMJ learning – If you’re a member of the BMJ (and I’d strongly urge all trainees to be members), this site provides a vast range of learning modules on clinical and non-clinical topics.
  • e-GP – A great set of new modules to promote e-learning covering a vast array of topics as defined by the GP Curriculum
  • INNOVAIT ONLINE –  Yes, you can now view the journal online for free. This magazine for Associates In Training (i.e. GP trainees) gets such high reviews because of its readability and relevance.   I’d even urge qualified GPs to subscribe to it.  It’s better than the BMJ, BJGP and many other magazines.
  • BRADFORD VTS ONLINE RESOURCES – Have you checked out the vast number (thousands) of free resources on this site?   They’re designed for trainees and their educators.  And they are all free.
  • GP-TRAINING.NET –  I have only good things to say about this wonderful website which, like Bradford VTS,  provides free educational resources for GPs, GP trainers and doctors in specialty training for general practice.  Developed and maintained by Brad Cheek who does it purely for altruistic reasons.
  • PENINE GP TRAINING SCHEME – This is Matt Smith’s website (who is a Programme Director for Pennine).   Before that, did you know he was a trainer in Bradford!  Anyway, his website is another fab website providing free educational resources.   The site can appear a bit overwhelming at first.  The best bit I like about his website are the educational videos.
  • WORCESTER VTS – An evolving collection of some good powerpoint tutorials.
  • GPTRAINEE.ORG – This is a site created by an  ex-trainee from London, primarily for himself but available on the web in case others might find it helpful too. Resources will probably grow. It looks promising.


  • AUDIT WITH MICHAEL HARRIS –  I love this site because it teaches audit in a really engaging way by taking the viewer through the individual steps of audit using a non clinical situation first to help you understand it better. A must for all trainees.
  • BANDOLIER GLOSSARY OF EBM TERMS – Quite a good quick and concise guide to common terms used in statistics and research.  Good for the AKT.
  • PCDS MINOR SURGERY VIDEOS –  An amazing video clip collection of common minor surgery procedures in general practice. Bought to you by the Primary Care Dermatology Society.
  • HEALTH INFORMATICS ON THE WEB – A super collection of health informatics tools created by Robin Beaumont. Definitely a worth visiting – if you don’t know what Health Informatics is, go there now!
  • BUSINESSBALLS – Businessballs is a free ethical learning and development resource for people and organisations, run by Alan Chapman, in Leicester, England. It’s an online collection of learning and development ideas and is now used by about a million people each month. Essential if you want to know more about teams and management.
  • LEADERSHIP ON GP-TRAINING.NET – A collection of resources for those that want to develop their leadership skills.


  • BRAINSTORM – By signing up to Brainstorm (free), you get a monthly ‘creativity’ letter detailing six concise items about how to be more creative, productive, and effective. It’s fairly light hearted and quite an enjoyable read.  I’ve been reading it for years.
  • MINDTOOLS – Learn hundreds of essential career skills, FREE of charge, and develop yourself on an ongoing basis with their popular free e-newsletter. It’s quite a busy looking website BUT has a range of material ranging from leadership skills, project management, time management, stress relief skills to creativity. Did you know that you can even “manage” people above you (e.g. your boss). Click to find out more.


  • SURVEY MONKEY – An easy to use site for creating online surveys with that extra appeal!
  • MISTERPOLL – Create online surveys just like you can with Survey Monkey.  With MisterPoll you can create your own online polls on any subject with an unlimited number of questions. Email them to friends, plug them into your web site, submit them to MisterPoll’s public directory, and more. Really useful site when you want to do a “quick and dirty” survey of what people are doing. Again, it’s FREE.
  • REMEMBER THE MILK – What can I say other than I love this site and consider it a MUST HAVE. If you have lots of tasks to do and have many fingers in different pots and struggle to keep on top of them, then this website is for you. It’s an online task list which you can access from mobile devices too!
  • DROPBOX – Do you have too many files in different places – like your laptop, PC, second PC and so on?  Find it difficult to keep on top of document versions?  Then this site is for you.  It puts all your files in the cloud and makes a copy on each of your PCs/laptops.  If you work on one of the documents, it will synchronise them on all the others when you have finished with it.  It makes my life significantly headache free.  As the site says – simplify your life!


  • HONEY & MUMFORD LEARNING STYLES– This is about determining your learning style/preference. We all have different preferred ways of learning.
  • OTHER LEARNING STYLE QUESTIONNAIRES – This site furnishes you with other learning style models and their questionnaires. Best of all, it’s free.
  • MYERS BRIGGS INVENTORY – Human Metrics is another site which offers quite a number of different personality type questionnaires. However, also available is a shortened version of the Myers Briggs Inventory which determines your psychological preference for decision making. Supporting resources available too.
    • Click here to access the Myers Briggs Inventory
  • BELBIN SELF PERCEPTION INVENTORY – How well do you work in teams? This questionairre (not free) highlights your role and can help determine the roles others play in your team. Very useful in determining why your team doesn’t work well or deciding which tasks to give to whom.
    • Click here to access the Belbin Self Perception Inventory and supporting documents
  • TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS – PARENT, ADULT, CHILD (PAC) – I love this model and find it interesting how we dip in and out of these three roles when interacting with families, relatives, friends and patients and how one might change the way they behave in order to achieve a desirable outcome.
    • Click here for the Parent, Adult, Child questionnaire.
    • Click here for a handout explaining it all.
  • CONFLICT STYLE QUESTIONNAIRE – Another one of my favourites which tells you whether your a bear, owl, turtle, fox or shark. Which are you?
    • For the questionairre, click here.
    • For a handout, click here.
  • BEHAVIOURAL STYLE IDENTIFICATION – This questionairre helps you determine your behavioural comfort zone and how you might interact with others from different zones. Simple model which can be easy to apply in the doctor-patient situation.
    • Click here for the Behavioural Styles Identification questionnaire.
    • Click here for supporting documents.
  • ATTITUDINAL RATING SCALE – This scale tries to map out your attitude; use it to figure out the attitudes of those around you. It can give powerful insights and sometimes that is all that is required for change.
    • Click here for the Attitudinal Rating Scale.
    • Click here for a supporting document called ‘winners and losers’.


  • DOCTORS.NET – The largest independent network for collaboration and improvement in healthcare. Provides a good and free email service as well as medical resources. I think you can even find/search for friends from medical school or see what they’re up to now.
  • RCGP – The RCGP is a professional membership organisation for GPs in the UK. Its aim is to encourage and maintain the highest standards of general practice and act as the ‘voice’ of general practitioners on education, training and standards issues.
  •  RCGP’s AIT WEBSITE – AIT stands for Associates in Training.   All GP trainees are Associates in Training.   They say that the aims of the website is to link everything training-related together and to you.  At the moment, the site needs quite a bit of work to make it appealing in style and meaty in content. But watch the space. I’m sure they’ll get it right soon.
  • YORKSHIRE-HUMBER DEANERY – One of the best Deanery websites with tonnes of resources for both trainees and trainers that you will not find anywhere. Simple style, easy to use and simply practical!


  • PULSE ONLINE – One of the favorite GP magazines detailing the latest hot topics in general practice as well as some educational and MRCGP related material. If you want to keep you finger on the pulse, you know where to go (okay, bad pun I know!).
  • GP MAGAZINE & MEDECONOMICS – This is the online version of the GP Magazine. Looks a bit busy for me but others out there may love it. Lists jobs n all. Also incorporates an electronic version of MedEconomics that some of you will be familiar with (click Practice & Finance).