The CSA with Confidence

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As you can see, this section is currently being revamped.  The next exam is in April.  Please revisit this page option as I am working on it on a daily basis.   Areas with an asterisk (*) are not yet complete.  

the basics: how to plan and prepare

first, you need to understand the schedule

frameworks to help guide your approach.

tools for practising cases with others

phrases to help you word what to say

video clips – explain common conditions easily

focusing on specific consulting micro-skills

the level required for the CSA

full CSA cases being played out

top tips from  examiners,TPDs, trainees & me

some CSA style cases to practise with

things to do on the day of the exam

The basics.  How to plan.  How to prepare.

The basics.  How to plan.  How to prepare.

if you don’t know what this means, click here

what’s current on the market

courses in the UK to help you pass

incl Quick Clinical Hints and Tips (Q-CHAT)

“failures lie in not falling down, but not getting up”

consultation models – is there any point?

How to help your trainee pass

some light hearted stuff to make you smile