Induction Course – Bradford

Please note the organisation of files below.

  • The e-handout is an introductory document for new GP trainees to help orientate them a little before induction.  This will be sent before induction.
  • The facilitator’s notes – you don’t have to read these UNLESS it is your session or you are a co-facilitator.
  • The handouts – are labelled B, C, E, F, G – this helps to signpost which PowerPoint they will be used alongside.
  • The handouts – Claire, please print off all of these.   Number required = number of trainees attending PLUS two.    Print ONE evaluation form – either H1 or H2  (ask Clare).
  • The PowerPoints – if you change or update any of the PowerPoints for your session, PLEASE let Ram have a copy.
  • Old files – these are selective files used in previous Induction programmes that we may at some point may wish to use again.

Any problems, queries or suggestions – let me know.   Ramesh




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