About Bradford

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Anonymous, 2010: I initially trained in another scheme and when I trainsferred to Bradford I saw a distinct contrast. Bradford scheme was very organised and proactive and definately equips you well for the big world as an indepeendant GP. Very friendly and supportive atmosphere reflected across HDR and educational supervisors. Trainee cented/led learning was a definate plus!

Kalpana Patel, 2010: Hiya this is what I think: Bradford GP training scheme is well organised and a structured with regards to teaching. I recently went on a CSA course in London and everybody around the country knows about Bradford VTS – I feel proud to be on this scheme! Bradford GP Training Scheme is very orgainsed. You get regular teachings. Each of the five Programme Directors give a damn and are motivated. And of course, the fantastic Bradford VTS website – useful for assessments and exam preparation. I hope this is useful. This is a big thank you (to the TPDs) for all your hard work.

Ruth Bond, 2010: On reflection I thought the training scheme was excellent and I miss it! Hope everyone is well.

Louise Clarke, 2010: My strong feeling about Bradford GP Training Scheme would be that it really helps to prepare you for independent future practice as a GP. I certainly draw on my the learning experiences and resources that the scheme helped me to build up on a daily basis.

Katy Chatten, 2010: I find the scheme really well-structured, with excellent support from GP trainers and programme directors. I think the HDR programme is particularly good, covering all relevant areas to prepare trainees for a life as a GP.

Becky Cairns, 2010: Bradford VTS is a scheme that caters for different individuals very well. This includes Doctors with different experience levels, goals, attitudes to learning, and different personalities. This is thanks to the Programme Directors that reflect this diversity themselves. You really can make as much of your training as you wish to. The scheme is changing, with new ideas for training and Tuesday sessions all the time. And it is flexible, with plenty of opportunities to do as much as you like. The Bradford VTS website is renound throughout the Country (and rightly so) for being hands on and easy to use. I can only recommend the training scheme, and its definately increased my wish to be a trainer, or even be involved with the scheme in future.

Amy Tatham, 2010: I would like to say…. I really enjoyed my time as a Bradford GP specialist trainee. The scheme is well organised with great support and education. Bradford hospital is very busy, friendly and offers fantastic exposure and experience in hospital specialties. There are also a great variety of GP registrar placements with some excellent trainees. I would highly recommend Bradford as a first choice for GP training.


Life in Bradford

For people who want to escape city life, the magnificent   surrounding countryside is just touching distance away. Bradford is affordable, accessible, submerged in history and has lots of interesting things to offer. And if you’re not content with that, the historic city of York and picturesque city of Harrogate are only a few miles away. And don’t forget shopping in Leeds (including Harvey Nicholls!) and camping in the Dales.

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Future job prospects in Bradford are generally pretty good. Because there is a cohort of GPs who are now coming up to retirement, there is as steady stream of vacancies all over Bradford. It will probably be like that for the next 5 years.  There are also a wide range of job opportunities in Bradford. Bradford was one of the first to start implementing the idea of GPs with Special Interests (GPwSIs). We have GPwSIs in nearly all areas of medicine. In fact, GPs refer mostly to GPwSIs rather than to hospital consultants.  And there are big opportunties for those wishing to pursue a more political, business or leadership role. Bradford has always been keen to engage GPs at the primary-secondary care interface and in the development of future services.  Finally, there is a feeling of warmth, friendliness and cohesiveness about Bradford’s community of GPs. Do you want to become part of that? Like we’ve said before, most of our trainees end up staying here – and that says it all.