Our educational philosophy

In Bradford, we see general practice as a partnership between you, the enthusiastic doctor, willing to learn and wanting to be a high quality General Practitioner and us, the educators. We are:

  1. The Programme Directors who seek to provide a training scheme that is flexible and centred around your needs,
  2. The Trainers in general practice who pride themselves on their commitment to training and to giving you a wide range of experience in their practices, and
  3. The Consultants in specialities who wish to prepare you to face the breadth of clinical situations that General Practice will give you.

As a team we are concerned about your personal and professional development through all the posts you will be in and in all the learning opportunities we provide.  The Bradford GP training scheme aims to facilitate the developement of doctors who are  reflective practitioners. At the end of the three years we would hope  that our trainees will:

  1. have a sound, practical knowledge of clinical medicine
  2. understand the basic principles of health and health care for populations
  3. have a broad understanding of medical ethics.