CSA sessions

We run two types of sessions at HDR to help you pass the CSA.

  1. The first is in open group sessions – where Ramesh Mehay will take the ST3s and provide CSA preparation training over 5 Half Day Release sessions.   This will involve some theory and plenty of repeated practice.    
  2. The second type of session we offer are the twice a term mock CSA sessions – where you will circuit around 13 cases just like the real exam – with feedback given at the end.

Of course, you need to do a lot of work yourself.   Practice cases with a colleague, get some DVD videos of CSA cases and so on.  One of the most important things to do in your ST3 stage is to form a CSA study group.

There are two webpages on this website devoted to CSA.  You can access both of them by click on ‘MRCGP’ and then either selecting ‘CSA’ or ‘CSA practice cases’.  The first one deals with explaining what CSA is all about, and provides additional things like top tips, advice from trainees, feedback from the examiners, some scripts and so on.  The second page is devoted to providing CSA cases for practise and some links to videos on explaining common medical conditions (mostly taken from the wonderful Pennine GP Training Scheme website).

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