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Dear all

I just wanted to update everybody on a new and exciting project we are currently starting on the Bradford VTS. We are piloting an online twitter account @BradfordGPVTS which will aim to provide trainees  and trainers an online space to communciate and share useful information.

The idea is to help keep trainees ‘connected’ to training aspects of their working roles, particularly useful for trainees in hospital posts and those on hectic oncall rotas. It will also hopefully serve as a way of keeping updtodate with any new clinical updates/guidance that can easily be missed. In addition to this we will hope any ‘hot tips’ trainees have gleaned from their jobs can be shared and trainers can also contribute. Its really simple and easy to use and is not overly taxing in terms of time/mental concentration!

Please follow @BradfordGPVTS and those who do not have twitter accounts (it takes 2 minutes to make an account online at:

For those who haven’t used twitter before this is a useful faq:

see you all soon! happy tweeting 🙂

Dr Shahzad Jamil


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