[box type=”download” style=”rounded” border=”full”]here is some content




this stuff is done via woo themes icon -> info box (dont forget to alter the settings (rounded boxes, full border)


here is a column of three things

[fourcol_one]content goes in here[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one]content here[/fourcol_one] [twocol_one_last]this was added using woo themes, using the insert column thing[/twocol_one_last]


 password protect a site

Look on right side of web page in editing mode – re: visibility

In this website, important rules

Dont remove dead top level directors in the ‘all pages’ list – they are there just to help structure the pages into some sort of sense.

collapsible table

woo themes – content toggle

tabbed box

woo themes – tab layout

bulleted list –

outdent to get to the position where you want it.  click the icon in kitchen sink with arrow coming out of the rows

  • bullet points
  • cxzcvx
    • zxcvzxcv
      • zxcvxzcv
      • xzcvzv

 complete list of things you can do with woo themes

type woo themes shortcodes

BLOGS to post

go to post – then click new, then assign category, then publish

Turn off discussions (or on)

settings – discussion

can set on/off for individual for individual posts.

you can edit posts through the comments menu on the left.

Using the right hand column of home page or any page

adding a new menu:

creat a new menu first

then appearache – widgets – custom menu widget, select your new meny


appearance –> widgets  _> eg recent posts.

adding some images

create a new page and add the images exactly how you want including any hyperlinks

copy the html from that page

appearances – widgets – text widget

paste the html into there

 Screen options menu

changes depending where you at.  eg in a  page, you can turn on or off ‘revisions’ to go back to later.

Jet pack

for stats


Zenu for windows – broken links checker

Redirection – for links redirected.  (settings – redirection).    Site link your old website via google:   site:bradfordvts.co.uk or log into control panel and see stats there

Add a new user – Users à add new, set the settings.

Vault press for back ups, install plugin, then sign up for an account, and it will then start happening.   £120 a year.


Mailchimp – to mail out things to subscribers, newsletter.