Creating or Editing a Review Date (for Educational Supervisors)

Before you have an ES meeting, you (the Educational Supervisor) must create a review date.   This basically creates a review period for the current (usually 6 month) post.  You cannot complete the ES report without it.  Even more importantly, the trainee cannot do their self-rating scales without it being set.  A review date has to be created every 6 months.  It’s probably best to set yourself a reminder in your calendar to do this every February and August of each year.

This is how you actually do create a review date.

  1. Log into the ePortfolio
  2. Select your role as Educational Supervisor and then select your trainee
  3. On the left hand navigation menu (under ‘Reviews’), first click on ‘Continue/Edit Review’ to make sure someone else has not already created a review period for you (like your local scheme administrator).   Simply look to see if there is an ‘End of Review’ period which covers the current post.  If there isn’t, then go onto the next step.
  4. Click on ‘Create a Review’ and fill in the appropriate sections carefully.  No need to put anything in the additional notes.
  5. Click on ‘Save’ and then you are done.

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