Dear Mr Hunt…

This video explains why doctors are getting so worked up about the new contract that they are being forced to work by the current TORY (Conservative) government.   The new contract doesn’t just affect GPs, but hospital doctors too.   This is going to result in young doctors not wanting to become GPs or even working in hospitals here in the UK.  They’re likely to go abroad to seek a better working conditions.  The new contract may result in the end of the NHS.  It is a very real prospect that in a decade there will be no NHS, the NHS that has saved the lives of so many and is symbolic of our nation and highly regarded as the best health system in the world.  With the new government plans, privatisation is coming in at an alarming rate – just like what happens in the United States – AND YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE.  The rich will get looked after and the rest of you will get a lower service.   HOWEVER, as patients,  there are lots you can do.  Write to your local MP.   Think carefully about who you will vote at the next election – read all the blurb that different parties tell you and compare each party on various sites on the internet (do a search).  And read some of the links below.   Remember, your vote makes a difference -so make sure you vote.  Your opinion makes a difference.  As an individual you may be only the one voice, but with other patients – as a collection of voices – you can be many!

Here are some other links

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