Action Points: Fitness to Practice

Action Points for the Competency Rating Scales

  • It will be important to identify sources of support in your GP career. Consider engaging with the RCGP First 5 programme, or other peer support groups locally. You can provide evidence of involvement as part of your first GP appraisal.
  • Please complete the advised reflection on post as a way to look back at how you have balanced work and the rest of life as this would be a good way to provide further evidence of this competence – as well as 9 and 10).
  • You need to ensure that there are suitable entries, and CbD discussions, look at health , your own stress and your own feelings on cases in particular
  • You need to ensure you address with the attention to detail expected of a professional especially when prescribing and completing tasks in a timely fashion. Reflect on how you do with this – in relation to three situations.
  • Add more learning log entries to demonstrate this competence. Consider possibly a problem with a staff member, or when you might have to breach confidentiality.
  • Now you have completed the hard work of preparing for CSA, try and ensure you become an integral part of the GP team, taking on the same responsibilities as a salaried GP. This will ensure you are fully aware of the work-load to expect post-CCT and allow you to consider how many sessions a week you wish to do once you become an independent GP to ensure you have a healthy work-life balance.
  • It can be hard to balance work, family life and preparing for high stake exams. Ensure you maintain a healthy work-life balance to ensure success. But also write an entry reflecting on how you achieve this.
  • Continue to maintain your positive attitude, commitment to learning and development. Consider how you might demonstrate your support for a colleague who is experiencing difficulties – this might be in relation to personal problems, a complaint, an error, etc.
  • Consider, after CSA, taking on a leadership role in a specific clinical area.
  • Consider how you might spend some informal time with the receptionists, nurses and other doctors in your busy day. Try not to isolate yourself in your room. Reflect on this as it is a balance between professional obligations and preserving your health.
  • There is a slight contrast between your self-proclaimed concern about your confidence and the positive feedback here. From our meeting I am aware that you are looking after yourself but also that doing this is hard in hospital posts with changing rotas. The summary comments on the Paediatrics CSR about presenting the world with yourself as a confident and competent Dr are important to work on. This links I think strongly to achieving a balance which preserves health etc. I look forward to seeing some entries reflecting on this.
  • Confidence is important without becoming arrogant. Try and find some log entries that show this in a non-clinical situation as well as clinical ones: leadership with humility is a rewarding style.
  • Remember that this competence isn’t just about professionalism it also covers work life balance and coping with stress and supporting colleagues as well as patients; write entries using the full meaning of the competence area.
  • Document any cases where Good Medical Practice guidance has helped. Continue to write up SEAs and reflect on outcome. Reflect on MSF comments re stress management.

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