Action points for CEPS

  • Concentrate on demonstrating you can competently and efficiently perform musculoskeletal examinations in your next A and E post.
  • Gain more experience and ensure you are observed competently performing the GMC required PR, prostate, male genital examination, female genital examination and breast . Don’t forget other CEPS especially those involving the musculoskeletal and neurological systems.
  • You must ensure you gain the skills and techniques to perform focused, GP appropriate examinations. Use every opportunity to ensure you get CEPs completed.
  • Remember that CEPS is like any other competency and is linked to your log diary , COTS, Mini CEX , CSR and the specific CEPS evidence Make sure that you produce evidence when writing your reflective log diary entries.
  • Continue to regularly perform intimate examinations to maintain skills. Consider completing CEPs that demonstrate competence in MSK and Neuro examinations.
  • Ensure you complete at least 2 CEPs highlighting competence in examining babies, toddlers and children over the next 6 months.
  • When you refer a patient based on your clinical examination ( e.g. abnormal PR or PV exam) and then get a letter back confirming the findings include this as part of your evidence for competence in this competency. Include at least one of these in the next 6 months.
  • Look at the full word descriptors for CEPS, and include at least one reflection in the next 6 months on e.g. how you have adapted your examination to fit the circumstances and / or the preferences of the patient.
  • Include at least one reflection looking at your adaptation of process to fit with the capacity of the patient relating to your examination.