Action Points: Working with Colleagues and in teams

 Action Points for the Competency Rating Scales

  • When providing evidence for competences link this to entries in the learning log or other WPBA rather than writing descriptions of other cases in your evidence. It is better to provide the evidence in the log.
  • Return to identifying which competencies you are reflecting on before writing the log entries so that you provide good and clear evidence for competencies in your logs ensure you choose CbD cases which allow assessment of your competence in working with colleagues.
  • There has been a lot of evidence here which is good, and the feedback is positive, though the reminder to talk to all team members before making some decisions was good advice. It will be important to put this into action and the MSF will give you more feedback. It is important to look at how you manage the very different power and hierarchy issues in most GP practices. Please share your understanding on this as a LLE.
  • Write an entry which looks at about what qualities you can bring to a team and what kind of team you want to be part of, and how will you achieve that. If you move to an unfamiliar locality to work, what resources and information will you need to be an effective part of the team?
  • As per MSFs consider when your generally “chatty” approach might be misinterpreted or when it might be less appropriate… share thoughts on this on e-P as well as your plans.
  • To consider when and how to appropriately delegate However, well intentioned you may be doing things yourself that should be appropriately delegated will not be in the longer term interests of you or the teams you work in! choose examples of when you have done things yourself or delegated and include in e-P to demonstrate your learning here.
  • MSF next post please as you do your first GP job.
  • Continue to work effectively, you have always had generally positive feedback, do an MSF in the next post and reflect on what you learn from this as a Professional conversation entry.
  • I have given you feedback when I released your MSF scores so you are aware of some recommendations for action. Consider on your e-P how to utilise the skills of the practice team in order to delegate effectively, safely and efficiently. Consider how you might appear more approachable to reception staff.
  • Complete an MSF. Add learning log entries demonstrating that you are now able to take on a leadership role with the MDT and act as co-ordinator of all the teams or people involved in the management of complex patients.
  • Try and reflect on cases where others have used you as part of a team and how that worked/felt (do two cases).
  • Make sure you are able to balance delegation with not dumping on people a fine balance as you noticed in the entry I have tagged ( do 2 entries relating to this).
  • Remember the broader ‘team’ not just nurses and reception staff but the whole gamut of support colleagues we have access to and remember it works both ways – how do you respond to requests form others and how do we make ourselves available? Reflect on this in e-P.
  • Different teams will require different approaches. Reflect on what happens when you pay the wages of most of the team members- log entry on this please.
  • Get to know the community long term condition nurses – valuable source of information and expertise – see if you can have a day with some of them and reflect on this in your e-P.
  • Continue to gain experience in working with the primary care team and look into practice management issues, leadership, integrated working, etc.
  • You are moving to GP next. Make sure that you use your induction period effectively. This is a great opportunity to reflect on how you work with several different types of colleague I’m expecting several separate entries looking at this competency from your induction time.

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