What you need to do before the ARCP review

It depends on the type of ARCP review it is .

  • Transition Reviews – This will be a full thorough ARCP review looking at all the evidence within the last ST period and making sure the trainee has done the minimum requirements, is making good progress and that there are no big complaint issues.  So, review your ePortfolio and make sure the whole ST period (i.e. a year or more) is up to scratch and all the assessments are there, including MSFs, PSQs and CSRs.  Review your log entries and make sure there is a sufficient number as well as depth of reflection.
  • Progress Reviews – The panel will simply review the evidence collected for the period since you have been back.  This judgement can be quite subjective – in essence, they are trying to determine…
    1. Whether you are making adequate progress
    2. Whether you have collated a reasonable amount of evidence during the time period you have been back and
    3. That there are no major complaints.

Expecting a trainee who has only been back for a month to have had six CBDs and six COTs done is unreasonable. But maybe having one or two of each isn’t. Having no log entries would be unacceptable but may be having around 6 or more would be satisfactory.

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