Educational Practice Events



The practice holds a number of meetings and GP trainees are expected and encouraged to attend.  These are….

  • Doctor meeting
    Weekly meeting discussion various hot topics, messages from various organisations (eg CCG updates) and practice issues – in attendance are Doctors, Nurses, GP trainees, Practice Manager and Asst PM – others by invitation.
  • Protected Learning Time 
    Every Thursday – Doctors, GP trainees, Nurses, and admin as required. Regular things include Significant Events, Mortality reviews, Palliative Care reviews, Child updates, Prescribing reviews.
  • GP Trainee Tutorials
    2 tutorials per week each lasting 1.5h. 
    In addition, the GP trainee attends another weekly Wednesday 1.5h tutorial focused on clinical topics, devised by the scheme.
    GP trainee also attends Half Day Release every Tuesday pm.
  • Avoiding unplanned admissions meetings
    2 per month – one GP & case manager & PM attends
  • Ashcroft Nursing Home Weekly Ward Round
    Nominated GP goes.   GPR occasionally invited to join to learn.
  • CCG/CCF meeting
    1 per month – GP & PM – GP trainee invited if they show interest.
  • Committee of Reps meetings
    1 per quarter – GP & PM – GP trainee invited if they show interest.

Chris Rushton, Ashcroft Surgery, Practice Manager