How we alter the timetable depending on trainee needs

The Sessions

  • The number of sessions in the GP trainee’s timetable is dependent on whether they are full-time or part-time.
  •  If they are part-time, we try to ensure as much overlap as possible between the trainer and the trainee (at least 50%).   Attendance at the Scheme’s HDR is scheduled in. 
  • We then make fine adjustments to the timetable if there are particular trainee needs
    • For example, surgeries might start later or finish earlier if there are child care issues.
    • If a trainee is struggling or has acute social/home issues, we may temporarily put in some appointment blocks to make surgeries feel less pressured.
    • If the trainee needs to be away on certain days (e.g. academic GP trainee), we will provide for that.
    • The trainer approves these finer adjustments.
    • If the trainee is nearing their AKT exam, some of the tutorials may be put in with other GPs to increase knowledge levels.
    • If the trainee is nearing their CSA exam, some tutorials are changed to CSA mock practice with the Trainer, with more “sit and swap” surgeries.

Appointment Length

  • GP ST1’s usually start on half-hour appointments and we gradually work them down to 15 minute appoints.
  • GP ST3’s usually start on 20 min appointments and we gradually work them down to 10 minute appointments.

Increasing Clinical Exposure

In order to get GP trainees trained up to real world General Practice, we involve them in

  • Home visits
  • Various Reports
  • Death Certification
  • Clinical Tasks
  • Projects to help us reach targets

Ashcroft Surgery, Bradford, 2016