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GPMARKET.CO.UK is a free website where you can manage all your locum work.  It includes everything from vacancies, bookings, invoices, pensions and a whole host of guidance sheets.   It’s run by two newly qualified GPs and here’s the link: .    You might want to look at their web video clips demonstrating it in practice first.   If you’re locuming, click here.    If you are a practice, click here.

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We are always a bit sad to see our trainees leave our scheme but we do get pleasure from seeing how much you have developed since joining. It’s also good to see trainees standing on their own two feet and coping remarkably well. You may well be scared of going out into the “big bad world” without the calming hand of your trainer but there is no need to be. In real life, ex-trainees cope with ease and the world isn’t bad at all.


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Before leaving our scheme, you do need to check to make you have certain things in order if you want your CCT (Certifcate of Completed Training) without any hassle.

  1. If you’re starting your last 6 months, you should have already booked onto the Exit Course. This course is run by the Yorkshire RCGP faculty for any GP trainee (from any scheme) within a year of leaving their training scheme. The Exit Course aims to make your training journey more complete by covering things like finances, pensions, starting off as a locum, career choices, partnerships, continuing professional development and so on.  If you have booked on the Exit Course, remember to have booked the relevant time off as study leave from the post you will be in.   The Exit course usually runs every February and August.
  2. Have you done at least the minimum number of MRCGP assessments (ie COTs, CbDs, MSFs, PSQs etc)?  If not, get your finger out!
  3. Have you dont the right amount of OOH requirements and logged encounters, reflections and learning activities from these sessions into your ePortfolio?
  4. Have you logged stuff into your e-portfolio in a timely way?   The ARCP panel will look to see whether you have engaged with the ePortfolio throughout your post rather than in a mad rush all at the end.
  5. Have you done your CPR and defibrillator training?

If you can respond to all these five things in an affirmative way, then well done!  You’re a star.  And this goes for any of OUR trainees – remember to keep in touch with us, we always love to hear how our ex-trainees are getting on. Even if you need help or advice several years after leaving our scheme – don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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In the final 6 months of training, the trainee should get an RCGP email with a link asking them to apply online for a CCT with the GMC.  The trainee needs to apply via the link in the email and NOT straight from the GMC website. If they try and do it from the GMC website they will be told to contact the RCGP for an invitation. The RCGP gets a lot of calls from trainees ignoring the link in the email and it is this that eats up their time on the telephone.  When they follow the link they have to complete an online application to make sure they they have fulfilled the GMC requirements and then pay.

  • In the final 2 months of training the ARCP panel sit and do the final review and hopefully this results in a final ARCP. Once the trainee has signed it off in their ePortfolio and pressed the apply for CCT button this is sent to the certification team (it goes to the RCGP team overnight).
  • The certification team link the final ARCP up to the trainee’s file and it is checked whether it meets regulation. If so, a recommendation for a CCT is emailed to the GMC (this process can take up to 15 working days and files are dealt with in chronological order).
  • The GMC database then matches the recommendation up to the relevant trainee application at the GMC and if everything is in order the doctor will be sent a CCT and name put on GP register.
  • The CCT is not sent to the trainee until 10 days before the end of their training.


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