Medical insurance fees are rocketing – act now to make things better. Together, we can do this.

A GP in our area wrote the following….

“Sorry to send this group email- I know everyone’s inbox is already full to the brim but I felt I should pass on this request to take action…. over 1/6 of my salary is going on MDU costs and I only work 5 sessions (salaried).  The cost of insurance has rocketed over the last few years, when if anything we as a profession have never been more medico-legally aware. The cost is continuing to increase year on year and there is no current plan to cap or reduce this.  I received a letter from MDU this morning encouraging us to email/write to our local MP for this issue to be discussed in Parliament.  I am doing this today, but our voices will be much louder if we all did the same.”

And I think she is spot on.  If we work together, and all do our bit, we can make a difference and get things changed.  I know we are all busy with other things, but sometimes we need to stop and pause for a moment on things which are actually quite unfair.      And the letter to send to your MP will only take 5 mins of your time because a) there is a template letter on this website and b) you can email it to your MP.    Job done!   If there are enough of us who write in, then Parliament has to talk about it and do something.

Remember, your hospital colleagues are covered by crown indemnity and only pay a few hundred pounds for their insurance.  We pay thousands.     As a result, young doctors are less likely to become GPs.  Experienced GPs are likely to retire early.   GPs may be forced to reduce working sessions especially OOH work.   Some GPs will move abroad for a better life.  Can you see the disaster coming our way in the UK?   And…. at the end of the day let me ask you just a couple of simple questions.   Are you happy paying the thousands?   Would you rather have this money in your pocket – towards your family, kids, etc?   If you want to make a difference, follow these steps…

  1. Download one of these template letters
  2. Send it to your local MP
    • Find your local MP here (type in postcode, and voila!)
    • Email them rather than post (it’s much easier and will save you time) – send your letter as an attachment.
    • If you live and work in different areas – find your MP for both areas and send a letter to each.
  3.  Join the MPS campaign (optional)

There’s an interesting Pulse article: click here.

Please take a moment to do the first two things in the list above.  Do it now – it will only take 5 mins of your time (less time than it has taken you to read to this point :-))
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