The CSA with Confidence

The most comprehensive CSA resource on the web!

CSA Start Up: intro

the basics about the CSA & planning

The CSA Marking Schedule

first, you need to understand the schedule

CSA frameworks

frameworks to help guide your approach

CSA Study Groups

advice on forming groups

CSA Practice Methods

the different ways to prepare for the CSA

CSA Tools

marking sheets, CSA templates etc

Scripts & Phrases

phrases to help you word what to say


ideas-concerns-expectns & psycho-social-occup

The Patient's Narrative

working out "the story"

Decisions, Diag & Red Flags

understanding the theory plus some tips


the theory behind good medical explanations


analogies are powerful explanation tools

Video Clips - clinical examn

clinical examination videos

Video Clips - explanations

explain common medical conditions easily

Video Clips - full CSA cases

come and see the massive library

Top Tips for CSA

great advice from examiners, trainees and me


the most popular CSA document around!

Examiners' Feedback

things that cause trainees to pass/fail

CSA - feeling stressed?

if you're feeling the pressure & struggling

On the Day of the Exam

last minute checks & things to do

Helping IMGs

to help doctors from abroad with CSA

Things to come…

  1. CSA books and resources – whats currently on the market
  2. CSA courses – courses in the UK to help you pass
  3. Special CSA – common difficult areas trainees struggle with
  4. Truly understanding the illness – to help you step into the shoes of patients
  5. Video Clips – microskills – consultation microskills to focus on 
  6. Consultation Models & Books – are models helpful?
  7. Clinical Bits n Bobs – including Quick Clinical Hints and Tips (Q-CHAT)
  8. Why People Fail 
  9. “Unfortunately I failed” – ‘failures lie not in falling down, but not getting up”
  10. Practice CSA cases – some CSA style cases to practise with 
  11. Adding Structure to your CSA consultation
  12. Funny CSA – some light hearted stuff to make you smile
  13. CSA for Trainers – how you can help your trainee pass

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