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Scripts & Phrases for the Consultation

These scripts and phrases may help you with your communication skills.  Generally , I don’t recommend memorising scripts and phrases because a conversation between two people should flow naturally – in other words, a conversation where each person responds to what each other has just said – and most of the time you cannot second guess what the other person will say.  So – beware of scripts and phrases – they can make the consultation look artificial or contrived and the CSA examiners are very good at picking up things that sound artificial.   For example, don’t explore Ideas, Concerns and Expectations (ICE) just because others have told you it is a good thing to do in everyone.  Do it because you are genuinely interested and because you think it will be helpful.  The same goes for the psycho-social-occupational (PSO) exploration of the impact of an illness. 

On the other hand, scripts and phrases can provide you with a starting point by giving you some idea of what to say.    They sound better if you can modify them so that they fit with your personality and style.   


Examiners’ Feedback Statements

There’s a lot you can learn from Examiners’ feedback statements on previous exams.  They highlight common difficulties and failures – which you can learn from!






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A bad and good case compared

First of all, I want to show what bad performance looks like and then compare it with good performance.  So, here are a pair videos of the same case.   The first is bad, the second is good.   What are the differences?  Write them down of a piece of paper.  And write ALL of them down. 

What then follows is a library of CSA cases played out by trainers and trainees (and ex-trainees) organised by the clinical system area.    Please allow about 15 seconds for some of these videos to load.   All of these are full 10 minute consultions (one or two might go a bit over!).






Mental Health

Muscle & Joints


Sexual Health

Women's Health

Men's Health


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