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New RCA pages

Yes, finally, it’s here.  A new Bradford VTS page on the RCA – Recorded Consultation Assessment.   There are some tools we have designed to help you with your cases.    Please have a look and leave a comment for any suggestions.   Two webinars (each of 2h length) which Dr Mehay did recently will be posted too.  They were a huge success and received well.  Attendees commented how detailed they were and how they contained lots of information they were previously unaware of as well as live demonstration of skills.

  • Click the RCA link in the main menu above (under MRCGP)
  • Or you can click the RCA link in the quick menu boxes link in the top right hand side of the main menu.
  • Or the button below

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  1. Just finished watching both webinars. They were so helpful and so many little nuggets of useful information that I’m actually looking forward to start recording now! Also thank you so much for the link of the analogies.. I really struggle with on the spot examples and this will be great! Thank you for getting back to me straight away and sorting this out for me! Really would recommend anyone who’s about to start recording to watch this.

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