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There has been some confusion over the application for a smear code for trainees on the scheme.   It actually seems to be very straight forward. The practice manager or cytology lead at the practice just needs to apply for a code for the trainee.  There is a box in which to put training: here we just need to put in house-training, (an example maybe observe 2, and perform 5 say while being observed, as well as completion of the on-line training module).  We are hoping to arrange a gynae session at HDR in which we can cover some basics.  Please find below guidance from Anne Connolly (who is the area lead for Women’s Health).

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GP VTS Trainees

If you will be conducting cervical screening whilst in practice you must obtain a Cervical Sample Taker Code before you start taking samples. When you commence your placement in practice, you should inform the Sample Taking Coordinator at your practice that you require a cervical sample taker code and that they should register you on the Cervical Sample Taker Database via the link www.cstd.neyhqarc.nhs.uk/admin.

You may find the following websites useful in regards to your Cervical Screening Training:

Quality Assurance Reference Centre

Yorkshire andHumberand North East Sample Taker E-learning Course

HPV Implementation E-learning Course

HPV Implementation E-learning Assessment

Anne Connolly

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