Working out dates – LTFTT & out of sync

Because of taking additional leave or going part-time, your ES meetings and ARCP panel might not fall on the same time period as that for your fellow trainee colleagues.

Work out your ES meeting dates as follows…

  • You will need an ES meeting once every 6 months – irrespective of whether you are full-time or part-time.
  • You also need to ensure that you have an ES meeting within 8w before any ARCP panel. If these don’t line up well then talk to the scheme administrators or one of the TPDs for advice on when things will need to be done.
  • Arrange for this at roughly month 4 or 5 for every 6 month segment of the post (month 4 if you are due an ARCP shortly after to fit in with the 8w rule).
  • This means that if you are doing a post for 1 year part time at 50%, you will need to have two ES meetings despite the fact that this is equivalent to one full-time 6 month post.
    • All these ES meetings should be recorded as an ESR on e portfolio .  CSR is required as will be a pro rata number of WPBA assessments.  Make sure your log entries look good.   Self-rating is required.
    • Prior to your ARCP  you need to make sure you have done  the full works: i.e. get CSR done, self-ratings, minimum number of assessments completed, learning logs look good, and ideally include Form R ES workbook, reflection on post, OOH is up to date if you are in GP and so on. ( and before the end of your training then in addition you’ll need to have demonstrated level 3 safeguarding, CPR and AED and audit or Quality improvement linked activity etc.

Working out your next ARCP date

  1. Determine when your last ARCP was done.      Look at your ePortfolio – you will find it under ‘ARCP’ on the home page and note the date of the last one.  If you’re ST1 and not had any as of yet, take the date you started the scheme as this date.
  2. Now work out one year from the last ARCP.  This will be a PROGRESS ARCP review.
  3. Also work out the date you are due to move up an ST stage (e.g St1 to ST2, or ST2 to ST3 etc).  This will be a TRANSITION ARCP review.

Your next ARCP date is  2 or 3 – whichever is the sooner.  Actually, the the panel will be around one month before this date.  If this date is close to June, it can be done along with all the regular June ARCPs.  Otherwise it will be done separately at some other time – usually by Deanery, although there is a strong move for Deanery wanting local schemes to do it if the trainee is progressing well and is otherwise satisfactory.  If you are an ST3 and due to be completing the scheme, remember that you final ARCP has to be 2 months before your CCT (completion) date.  This gives the College enough time to get your CCT certificate processed.   Otherwise, you won’t get it in time.

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