Make a Personal Training Map

We would strongly urge ALL trainees to create their own Personal Training Map to help

  1. map out their rotations – write down start and finish dates
  2. log their periods of absence, and thus
  3. work out their ES meeting dates and ARCP panel dates.

This map, once created, will then need to be kept up to date if any additional leave is taken – but this will be easier once created in the first place.  Forward it onto the scheme’s administrator to double check.   It needn’t be anything complicated looking – something like the following should help.

[fivecol_one]ST stage[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]Dates of  Post[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]ES meeting date (approx)[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]ARCP date (approx)[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one_last]Transition or Progress ARCP ?[/fivecol_one_last]

[fivecol_one]ST1-1[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]Aug 14 – Feb 15[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]Dec 2014[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]n/a[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one_last]n/a[/fivecol_one_last]

[fivecol_one]ST1-2[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]Feb 15 – Aug 15[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]May 2015[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]June 2015[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one_last]Transition[/fivecol_one_last]

[hr] Going on maternity leave Nov 2015, return Sept 2016 – remember, need an informal ES meeting before leaving and one shortly after returning and an official one around 2 months before the post ends.[hr]

[fivecol_one]ST2-1[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]Aug 15 – Nov15 [/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]Oct/Nov 2015[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]n/a[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one_last]n/a[/fivecol_one_last]

[fivecol_one]On Maternity[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]Nov 15 – Sept 16[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]n/a[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]June 2016[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one_last]OOP – ARCP[/fivecol_one_last]

[fivecol_one]ST2-1[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]Sept 16 – Dec 16[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]Sept 16 & Nov/Dec 16[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]n/a[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one_last]n/a[/fivecol_one_last]

[fivecol_one]ST2-2[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]Dec 16 – Jun 17[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]April 2017[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]May 2017[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one_last]Transition[/fivecol_one_last]

[fivecol_one]ST3-1[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]enter data[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]enter data[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]enter data[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one_last]enter data[/fivecol_one_last]

[fivecol_one]ST3-2[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]enter data[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]enter data[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one]enter data[/fivecol_one] [fivecol_one_last]enter data[/fivecol_one_last]

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