Working out dates and things before maternity

Before you leave (within 1 month before)

  • Arrange for an OFFICIAL ES review (after CSR report done) – this is a requirement for 3 reasons
    1. To see where you are at
    2. To make plans for what you need to do when you come back
    3. The most important reason: the College guidance is that short posts (less than 3 months whole time equivalent) may count towards training PROVIDING that there is at least a minimum amount of evidence which has been officially reviewed before the trainee goes off.  This minimum evidence translates to a pro-rata number of CBDs, COTs, Mini-CEXs, log entries, PDPs and so on – but also a CS Report.  I’ve highlighted the CS report because this is essential and trainees often overlook the need for this before they go off on maternity.   But without it, what you have done so far cannot count towards training!  In Summary: a CS report, a pro-rata number of assessments done.   Ensure log entries are on and ePortfolio up to scratch.  Competency ratings ARE required.

This OFFICIAL ES review should be recorded in the Review Preparation section of the ePortfolio (i.e. the proper ES section).  It needs to be formal because it is being formally used to certify the period of the post that has been completed so far so that it can count for training.  The ES will need to record 3 things…

      1. The ES will need to make a comment on any substantial evidence submitted in that review period.
      2. The ES will need to make a comment about your progress.
      3. The ES will need to set out a development plan to be followed upon your return to the programme.
  • In some circumstances, you may need an extra ARCP before going on leave.  The important thing to remember is that trainees should not have periods of training which are not assessed at ARCP, (it can be difficult to fully review a period and ESR done a long time ago so booking an ARCP to prevent this is often useful).  This will also ensure that the trainee gets feedback and directions for actions if appropriate as close to the period of training as possible.  Check with your scheme’s administrator if you think this will apply to you.

Whilst you are on maternity

  • Trainees on maternity leave may add log entries during their maternity leave, they may go on courses or do ‘keeping in touch’ days. These are all good things and evidence of their commitment to their training, but not compulsory.

When you come back for maternity.

  • Arrange for an INFORMAL ES review early on – within 2 months of your return.   The purpose of this is
    1. To touch base and help both you and your Educational Supervisor get your bearings right
    2. To see where you left off and that you are both clear in your minds about what needs doing and by when.   (The ES needs to document this bit in the Educator’s Notes).

This does NOT need a CS report NOR extra assessments as you will have only just come back.   No competency ratings required. Ensure log entries are on and ePortfolio is tidy.   This informal review should be recorded as an Educator’s Note titled ‘Informal ES review’ – there probably won’t be that much new evidence to review.

  • Within 1 month of your return, work out your PERSONAL TRAINING MAP as per guidance below (where you work out the date of your next  ESR, ST transition and ARCP panel).  Double check these with our administrator Claire who will cross check to make sure your ePortfolio reads the same.  If their is variance or any queries, email Esme Ross at the Deanery.
  • Then arrange for an OFFICIAL ES review later on.
    • If you are coming back as full-time, this will usually a month or two before the end of the post.   And if you are due an ARCP – the ES meeting must be WITHIN 2 months before this date – and not any longer.
    • If you have gone part-time (i.e. LTFTT) – then please read the instructions above for part-time and out-of-sync trainees (it’s approximately at month 4/5 from your return).
    • In both instances, you will need a CS report and the remaining assessments done.  Ensure existing log entries good and ePortfolio up to scratch.  Competency ratings are required.   This OFFICIAL ES review should be recorded in the reviews section of the ePortfolio (i.e. the proper ES section) – because it is officially signing off the period of training just completed.

Working out your next ARCP date

  1. Determine when your last ARCP was done.      Your ARCP might have been done whilst you were on Maternity Leave.    An ARCP marked off as OOP whilst the trainee was away is still considered and ARCP.   The trainee does need an ARCP every year – if this falls on maternity or some other leave the trainee is given an outcome 8 – OOP and a further ARCP date is set, usually about 12 months after that.  Look at your ePortfolio – you will find it your last ARCP date under ‘ARCP’ on the home page and note the date of the last one.  If you’re ST1 and not had any as of yet, take the date you started the scheme as this date.
  2. Now work out one year from the last ARCP.  This will be a PROGRESS ARCP review.  If this date has passed, please contact Claire Johnson and Ramesh Mehay.
  3. Also work out the date you are due to move up an ST stage (e.g St1 to ST2, or ST2 to ST3 etc).  This will be a TRANSITION ARCP review.

Your next ARCP date is  2 or 3 – whichever is the sooner.  Actually, the the panel will be around one month before this date.  If this date is close to June, it can be done along with all the regular June ARCPs.  Otherwise it will be done separately at some other time – usually by Deanery, although there is a strong move for Deanery wanting local schemes to do it if the trainee is progressing well and is otherwise satisfactory.  If you are an ST3 and due to be completing the scheme, remember that you final ARCP has to be 2 months before your CCT (completion) date.  This gives the College enough time to get your CCT certificate processed.   Otherwise, you won’t get it in time. 

If you are coming back as part-time

If you’re coming back as part-time (i.e. LTFTT) – then all the advice in this section still applies.   But please read the advice above for part-time trainees and double check your dates still marry up.  If you are unsure, check with our administrator, Claire Johnson.

How many assessments do you need to do?

  • If you have come back full-time, you basically do what every other full-time trainee needs to do.
  • If you are part time – then the minimum number of WPBA assessments that you need to do is reduced pro rata accordingly.  So, a part time ST2 trainee doing a 1 year post at 50% needs to do a MINIMUM of 1.5 CBDs every 6 months (or 3 in the 12 month period).  An similar 50% trainee at ST3 level would need to do a minimum of 3 CBDs every 6 months  (or 6 in the 12 month period).
  • Please remember, these are MINIMUMS – and you should be aiming to do a lot more.
  • Here is a summary of the minimum assessments required for a full-timer – this should help you work out what you need to do on a pro-rata basis if you are part-time: Assessments – which ones at which ST stage?

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