Action Points: Community Orientation

Action Points for the Competency Rating Scales

  • Look at the ‘excellent’ word pictures for this competency. Looking forwards, there will inevitably be an increasing need for GPs to engage in health and social care planning, service design and resource management. How will you engage in this? What are your interests? Where can you be most effective? What are the leadership skills you will need?
  • You need to reflect and record specialist clinics which are available in the community as well as charity or other organisations relevant to your next two jobs in log entries your final post reflection is a good place to do this – especially as this is now expected of all trainees.
  • You need to look at the impact of rationing (which in effect is part of CO) on the work of the units you are part of and reflect on this in e-P.
  • You need to think about CO in relation to time in consultations. Use of GP resources, and awareness of what resources there are available, and the most cost effective use of resources all of these are aspects of CO. Thinking more widely will enable you to choose appropriate Log entries, and choose or suggest appropriate aspects of CbD discussions on cases.
  • Continue to widen your knowledge of local resources available to the patient.
  • Continue to develop knowledge of resources available in the community. Don’t forget there are voluntary and private sector resources for patients as well as in the public sector.
  • You need to consider how you are going to provide learning log entries that will demonstrate competence in this area. Don’t forget local initiatives and the voluntary sector and the different availability to different groups in our society.
  • Remember to balance the CO about knowing what is out there / resources you can use / teams that work in particular situations etc and the CO which is about controlling cost and getting best value for money.
  • Learn more about the population aspects of this competence by involving yourself in these issues when in GP. Learn more about appropriate referrals and pathways in GP post.
  • Take opportunities to extend learning in this area in secondary care posts – should be possible in psychiatric post. There are a lot of MH resources you should come across in the community. How do these work, and which ones have your patients used?
  • Make sure you cover the other areas such as referrals, audit, and social, ethnic and disease demographics as well as prescribing in your log entries for the rest of the post.
  • Rationing and CCG rules are also relevant here such as traffic light prescribing systems
  • Find out about stronger families in Barnsley!
  • Document evidence of cost effective practice. Reflect on issues regarding local service provision, resource allocation

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