Action Points for Competency Rating Scales

It is important for the Educational Supervisor to write good action points for each of the competencies in the competency rating scales because  this helps the trainee to know what is expected of him or her.  It also helps plan for the next post or look at specific areas that have come out of the Educational Supervision meeting and report  The ES Action points which follow are all drawn from, and adapted from real ES action points from local Yorkshire and Humber Trainers and Educators. They are offered as a prompt for the sort of suggestion that the trainees are likely to find helpful. Like most action points some of them might benefit from being made a little more personal or SMART.  At the end of GP appraisal, the appraiser normally has to identify 3-4 areas to agree on for the PDP. At the end of the ESR there is an expectation that the ES produces 12! This is a lot to do on top of the rest of the ES role so I hope that the attached library of action points makes it a bit easier for you to develop action points for each competence for your trainees by adapting some of the ideas you see here.

  • All trainees and Educational Supervisors need to write up reasonable action points for each competency.  They must not be woolly or vague like ‘continue to build on this skill’.
  • Even if you are an ST3 who is completing to CCT, you STILL have to  write action points for each of the Professional Competencies – because some of these will form the basis of your PDP for your very first GP appraisal.   In the case of ST3s who are completing, the ‘suggested action before next review’ box should be interpreted as ‘suggested action before first appraisal’.
  • In summary, you need to write objectives which are SMART.  It might make it easier just to think of what next practical step the doctor needs to take which is achievable within the first year post CCT.

Mike Tomson & Rhiannon Davies, March 2014 (Send suggestions/additions to [email protected]

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