Action Points: Maintaining an Ethical Approach

Action Points for the Competency Rating Scales

  • From the ‘excellent’ word pictures: ‘Actively promotes equality of opportunity for patients to access health care and for individuals to achieve their potential’. Consider – how do we achieve this in relation to 2 different patients?
  • Think of clear ethical frameworks (doing more harm than good ; or greatest good to the largest number of people ) etc. when discussing your involvement in some complex cases to ensure you have discussed this fully
  • You need to demonstrate ethical reflection by choosing suitable cases for CbD … and reflecting on several cases in log entries. Remember there is an ethical dimension to prescription of pen V ( amount of information you give about side effects… amount of alternatives you discuss etc!.)
  • Continue to be aware of the ethical conflicts you come across and reflect on these. Always consider the ethical framework when deciding the best management for a patient.
  • Consider which ethical dilemmas cause you the most problems in making decisions – how might you gain confidence in this area?
  • When writing up learning log entries involving ethical issues consider the ethical frameworks and demonstrate you are aware of what ethical issues are involved.
  • You need to ensure learning log entries demonstrate you are aware of ethical frameworks. When discussing clinical encounters and SEAs consider what ethical framework you are working with – beneficence, justice, autonomy, etc. I still have not seen an entry regarding you reading and reflecting on Ran Gillon’s ethical principles which you said you’d do.
  • Identify ethical issues as they arise Particularly in you next post consider issues of age and capacity and consent and ethical issues in relation to safeguarding.
  • It will be important to look a bit more at the ethics of your actions and focus your discussions in log entries more on addressing this competency. You have demonstrated you can do this in the excellent entry here… and 1 2 1 in the CbDs but some more written log entry reflection would be helpful to demonstrate continuing understanding and engagement with this .
  • Rather than just look for ethical cases in surgery or HDRC it sometimes can be good to do tutorial on them with the trainer presenting differing sorts to discuss – very similar to the old MRCGP viva, ask for this!
  • Immunisation- how do you feel about parents who don’t immunise their kids? What are the pros and cons – what can you do as a doc ………is this a safe guarding issue, what are the ethical questions here?
  • Routinely identify and address ethical conflicts in clinical practice. Use ethical models to work through these.

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