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In Bradford, we will tell you who your Educational Supervisor is. Hopefully, he or she will be your Educational Supervisor throughout your entire training period.  To see who yours is now, please click ‘Bradford’s ES-trainee allocation list’ in the downloads box above.

Once you know who your Educational Supervisor is, YOU need to get in touch with them EARLY ON so that you can schedule some appropriate dates. It is no good waiting til say May and hoping they can squeeze you in during that month.   Please remember that Educational Supervisors have lives and their own plans too.

The RCGP endorses the notion that Educational Supervision is a trainee-led process.  In other words, it’s your responsibility to get in touch with your Educational Supervisor early on (and not the other way around). If you end up missing your ES session because you forgot (for example) then please don’t expect the supervisor to drop everything just to fit you in. If you fail to prepare, or fail to organise, then be prepared to fail. Only you will lose out!  I apologise for having to write in this way, but this is a key message you need to take on board early.

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