ST1s & ST2s in a GP post

induction, assessment and other things

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Other important links

Trainees – please click on the “Training map for ST1/ST2 below and revisit this page often!
Trainers – click on “Induction Toolkit” below and signpost the “Practice Manager’s page” to your PM.

Training map for ST1/ST2 in GP

what you need to achieve

The GP trainee's weekly timetable

for trainers, trainees & PMs


a medical search engine

Practice Manager's Page

admin side of gp training

Community Placements

gp-hospital combination posts

Induction Book - free for trainers and their trainees

TRAINERS – You can download and adapt this generic induction handbook

Please read this generic induction handbook – there’s information in it that you will find helpful.  At our practice, we get this induction handbook printed off by one of the online printing services and get it professionally bound – details below.  New trainees tell us that they have never had something so professional looking from other practices and that it makes them feel like they are “special”.   We get them to bring it to every day of induction so we can follow it through like a workbook.    It works well – trainees love it and it keeps us (the trainers) effortlessly on track.  Try it.

  • Online printers we use:
  • Cost: about £20 per copy if you order more than 1 copy from them
  • Use order details as follows…..
  • Orientation: portrait     Paper size: A4     Printed sides: double-sided     Print in: colour     Paper colour: white     Paper finish: silk     Paper weight: 130g    Binding position: left long edge   
  • Cover design: cover design is included (recommended)     Front cover included: move page 1     Back cover included: copy last page     Spine design: design a spine     Print covers in: colour     Cover lamination: Gloss laminated

How are you feeling?

Are you feeling worried?  Apprehensive?  A little scared?   Don’t know what you have signed up for?

Don’t worry!  These are perfectly normal feelings most GP trainees experience when they start a GP scheme.   Yes, there is an awful lot to cover, but remember – YOU HAVE LOTS OF TIME TOO!!!   So, instead of feeling a little apprehensive, see you if you can turn that emotion into an exciting feeling – because you’ll be learning lots of new and wonderful things!

Frequently Asked Questions

7 quick but incredibly important things to do when you start a GP post

Final bits and bobs

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Got any suggestions or advice or comments?

Got any advice?  Anything we’ve missed?  Anything that you think is inaccurate? Any ideas of how we can improve this page?  Then leave a message below.   Got a resource to share: contact [email protected].  

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