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In a nutshell, Ntambwe is a person from the Congo living in this country.  He was detailed last week by the Home Office and will be returned back to the Congo within days if we don’t act now.   It’s important for Ntambwe to stay in the UK because he is doing some amazing work about some injustices in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).   Ntambwe is a leader of APERICO and is their Regional Propaganda Officer for Yorkshire.  This is a resistance organisation exposing the undemocratic and inhumane practices of the  government in Congo.  He has been seeking asylum in this country and AJAR (Asylum Justice and Release) have been supporting him with his claim.  But unfortunately he was detained and if he is sent back to the Congo, his life is likely to be unpleasant and extremely bleak.

Please sign the petition to get the Home Office to keep him here – I know him personally and can vouch that he is one of the good ones who is trying to make good and positive changes in the world.   Surely we need more of people like him in the current global climate?




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Amber Rudd MP: Stop the imminent deportation of Harmel Ntambwe and release him from detention

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