About Us

The Bradford GP training scheme is managed by five Training Programme Directors and one administrator.   Below is a summary of what each of us does and how you can get in touch with us.

Written correspondence should be addressed to

Bradford GP Training Scheme
Bradford Royal Infirmary
Field House Teaching Centre
Duckworth Lane
Bradford BD9 6RJ


The Bradford scheme has five Training Programme Directors (TPDs for short) supported by one admin person. All of us are approachable but should you have a difficulty with a particular post, please get in touch with the TPD with responsibility for that post (detailed below). The same applies to queries about a particular thing about the scheme – for instance, Hasna for post rotations, Nick for Less Than Full Time Trainee issues, and Lucy for Half Day Release.  We are all involved in deanery recruitment and selection.  We all help deliver or own induction programme for new trainees who have joined our scheme.  We are all involved in the pastoral care of our trainees, trainers and their practices.  We hope you find all of us approachable. One important tenet to observe is to get in touch with us EARLY if you are experiencing difficulty. Things are more difficult and messy to ‘fix’ if they are brought to our attention too late. You will find all of us around at most HDR sessions or, if it is more convenient, drop us a line.

  • Nick Price has been a Training Programme Director since 2000.  He mainly looks after the Wednesday Tutorials, the Out of Hours Rota, the scheme’s finances and oversees those who are training part-time (called LTFTT – Less Than Full Time Trainees).  He supports Lucy with designing the Half-Day Release programme, Clare with supporting the Trainers and Ram with the ARCP panels.
    • Looks after clinical posts: Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Accident & Emergency
    • Nick’s email address is nickprice62@gmail.com
  • Gareth James joined the scheme in 2016 and replaced Ramesh Mehay.  He is also the scheme’s lead for Educational Supervision and organises the June ARCP panels (who assess whether you move onto the next ST year).  He helps Lucy with the design of the scheme’s Induction Programme that you will be coming to shortly.  He will also get you to evaluate your posts towards the end of your attachment and helps Nick with finances.
    • Looks after clinical posts: ENT, Ophthalmology, Medicine (Oncology & Rheumatology)
  • Lucy Clark has been doing the job since 2009 and her main area of responsibility is the design of the Half Day Release Programme and you will see her at nearly every HDR session.  She also designs the scheme’s Induction Programme.   And finally, she provides support our admin team.
  • Hasna Begum has also been doing the job since 2009 and helps deliver something called the Modular Programme – one day study days aimed at those trainees in hospital posts.  This helps them get some protected and focused teaching.  If you are in a hospital post, you should try and attend the Modular Courses – details on our website (under ‘Our Scheme & Us’).   Hasna also has the difficult job of sorting out your post rotations.   Her other areas of responsibility is around assessment – like the work place based assessments and MRCGP exams.
  • Clare Connolly is the newest member of our team and joined us in 2013.   Her main area of responsibility is around supporting intending, new and established Trainers and their Practice Managers.  She also supports Hasna with the Modular Courses, Nick with the Wednesday Tutorials and Ram with Educational Supervision – in particular, focusing on Educational Supervision Training for new and established Trainers.


 Admin.GP@bthft.nhs.uk  /  Admin.GP@bthft.nhs.uk

  • Sofya Loren has been with us since 2013 but is currently on maternity leave until April 2016. She the one who keeps everything together. She does so much that it would be difficult to summarise her work into a single paragraph.
  • If you have a query email: Admin.GP@bthft.nhs.uk
  • For a comprehensive list of what our administrator does, please click here.   As you can imagine, without them the scheme wouldn’t hold together.  Our trainees find our administrator(s) knowledgeable, personable and accessible.