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Petition: Make GMC a tax-payer funded organisation & not by doctors.

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The GMC has been an independent regulatory body which has been funded by doctors paying Annual retention fees. However, given that the main aim of the GMC is to protect patients whilst regulating practice of doctors, the GMC should be funded by the tax-paying public and not by doctors, like the HSE.


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Following the recent events in relation to the GMC and overturning the MPTS decision, a significant proportion of doctors are finding it increasingly difficult to justify paying annual retention fees to an organisation whose primary remit is to protect patients. Therefore the tax-paying public, and not doctors,have to take responsibility for funding the GMC; similar to the Health and Safety Executive, which is not funded by organisations/employers yet are independent and have enforcement powers.


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Created byMohammed Arif Moothadeth
Deadline2 August 2018All petitions run for 6 months

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