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Pricing for Job Adverts

We are PRICED TO HIRE!   Jobs are posted on jobs.bradfordvts.co.uk which feeds into the home page of bradfordvts.co.uk. This website receives roughly 45000 hits in ONE month alone. What better way to get exposure to GP trainees & their trainers all over the UK & Ireland?   Our ads are competitively priced – unlike the major medical magazines who charge up to SIX times this figure!  Whether you are within the UK or not, consider advertising with us.

1 month

£ 94

2 months

£ 129

3 months

£ 179

6 months

£ 299

Please make the purchase first and then email the advert to: rameshmehay@googlemail.com
If you require a different plan, again email us.


Why would you want to advertise elsewhere?

Attractively Priced

We are not just competitively priced. We are priced below market values because we are priced to hire!

Access to newly qualified

Looking for fresh young new blood? What better place than here, were our users are GP trainees and their trainers.

Write as much as you want

Medical magazines limit the amount you can write. The more space you want, the more you pay. But not with us!

STEP 1: Pick a pricing plan

STEP 2: Pay for pricing plan

STEP 3: Send advert to rameshmehay@googlemail.com

STEP 4: There is no step 4! You're done. It's as easy as that.

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