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ISCEEs - Intensive Structured Collaborative Educational Experience


Many OSCEs can be convereted into an ISCEE session.  An ISCEE is basically an OSCE but with group going around the circuit rather than indviduals.  Hence they all learn from each other.   



What is an ISCEE?

In an OSCE, individual trainees go around various clinical stations; each station is designed to test a set of competencies.   An ISCEE is similar to an OSCE except that instead of individuals, small groupettes (or a ‘family of learners’) go around the stations.  Each member of the family takes it in turn to have a go at the different stations.  The rest of the ‘siblings’ are there to support and help each other through the exercises (perhaps swapping places at times to demonstrate alternative ways of doing things).  It’s basically a way of doing OSCEs but ensuring a formative (developmental) approach.  It was developed in Bradford by Nick Price.

ISCEE stands for

  • Intensive – because the little groups go around a circuit of educational stations each with its own plethora of learning.
  • Structured – because each station is structured in a specific way with progressive questions to help bring out the learning in a “building-block” way.
  • Collaborative – because the little groups go around together.  Learners learn of each other as questions are posed by the station leader to the group who then encourages a discussion amongst fellow learners.
  • Educational – because all individuals learn something from the stations.  It’s more about them learning rather then testing as in an OSCE.  The questions posed by the station master are designed to encourage thinking and exchange of thoughts than to grill or quiz individuals.
  • Experience – because that is what it is.  An amazing educational experience.

Pros and Cons of ISCEEs & Tips for organising

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