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Dear TPDs...

Would you like to develop this page?  Contribute to GP training throughout the UK and beyond?   And get your name published on Bradford VTS?  
Email me: [email protected]

This page is totally devoted to you.   I hope there are some resources on here that you will find useful, for example – perhaps some of the files for your annual TPD appraisal.  However, this section could do with beefing up.   If you or your Deanery/HEE has any resources that you think other TPDs might find helpful, please email them to me.

[email protected]

Please leave a comment if you have a tip, spot an error, spot something missing or have a suggestion for a web resource.
And of course, if you have developed a resource of your own, please email it to me to share with others.

'Make GP Training Better Together'

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