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The New GP Trainee

essential things newbies need to do

GP Scheme Induction

resources for TPDs & trainees

The GP Training Map

+ which assessments by when

Half Day Release

ready made resources

Communication Skills

massive collection of resources

The ePortfolio

reflection + easy way to write logs


all components covered

Ed Supervision & ARCP

train your trainers & trainees

Basic Educational Theory

theory made simple!

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Dear TPDs...

This page is totally devoted to you.   There’s a large amount of material on the Bradford VTS website so what I have tried to do is pick resources that you are most likely want to use again and again.   If there is anything else that would help, please let me know.   And if you or your Deanery/HEE have any word documents or powerpoint files that you think other educators/trainees might find helpful, please email them to me.   Don’t forget there is a navigation menu at the top of this page – all menu items lead to a host of resources you can use for HDR.

Got any suggestions or advice?

Got any advice or suggestions?  Anything we’ve missed or is inaccurate?  Then leave a message below.   Got a resource to share? Contact  Make GP Training Better Together’

Please leave a comment if you have a tip, spot an error, spot something missing or have a suggestion for a web resource. And of course, if you have developed a resource of your own, please email it to me to share with others.

'Make GP Training Better Together'

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