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Booking a Package Holiday in the UK

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Some Good Rules In General

  • Only use websites that have protection cover with someone like ABTA or ATOL in case they go bust.  And trust me, it’s happened to me – Fly Monarch – remember them?  And during covid, many went bust.
  • When purchasing your holiday – pay via a CREDIT CARD and NOT Paypal.   ATOL and ABTA will get you your money back if your travel provide goes bust.  But if that fails, you have a secondary protection mechanism – and that is the credit card company – they too will protect you.   But Paypal non-credit cards like your debit card and the like don’t protect you – so do not use.  
  • Also, do not fly without travel insurance.  Never lie on the insurance or try to mislead them just to get a smaller premium.   If you do this, it will basically nullify your insurance, meaning you get nothing!   And a simple 2-3 day hospital stay can cost £15 000 easy!  Have you got that sort of money?  Declare everything!
  • When in the country abroad, spend in their currency not yours.  So when in a Spanish restaurant or a clothes shop and they ask you – do you want to pay in EURO or GBP STERLING – choose the host country’s currency – in this case EURO.  Otherwise, you get loads of currency conversion charges (from the Spanish bank, the English bank, from the retailer itself!!!).
  • When withdrawing money from a cashpoint abroad, withdraw one big swoop then lots of little ones – otherwise charges with each withdrawal.
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Some Good Rules For Searching

  1. Be flexilbe with the dates – click the +/- option on most websites
  2. Set the departure date for a holiday you like on different dates.  You will be surprised how a Friday departure might be cheaper than a Saturday holiday (and vice versa).
  3. Sometimes full board is the same cost if not just slightly more than half board.
  4. All inclusive hotels often below par food and the queues for drinks can stop you from going to the bar.
  5. Search the major providers like TUI, Jet2Holidays – these package providers have thought it all out and include everything like transfer etc.   If you go with the others like Love Holidays, you will get a shock at what looks like a cheap holiday at first sight but then expensive when adding baggage, seating costs and transfers.   It’s headachey to go with anyone but the big players. 
  6. Always change the search results from LOW TO HIGH not the default RECOMMENDED

The Major Players

Good sites

  • TUI – really good, they think of everything
  • Jet2Holidays – another great player, as good as TUI
  • EasyJet Holidays – all in one package holidays.  no hidden surprises.
  • Virgin Holidays – are meant to be good.  They have a reputation they don’t want to lose.  But only good for long haul holidays like United States, Middle & Far East, Carribean, Africa etc, not Europe.

Meh sites……

  • Secret Escapes – great website, great deals, but often not that cheap and an incredibly painful website to use because they don’t display prices straight away – you have to faff about.
  • Hays Travel – another big player.  But again, prices look cheap but then become expensive with the basic add ons – like seating, baggage, transfers.  Searches are slow.  Cannot put several departure points – only one at a time – FRUSTRATING!  And then when you do get searchg results, a lot of the ones are NOT AVAILABLE – despite appearing in the initial search!  Crazy!!!
  • Thomas Cook – not as great, baggage, flight transfers often not included – bumps up prices big time.  Not a favourite of ours.
  • Teletext Holidays – painful website to use.  Slow in searches.
  • First Choice – they are part of TUI.  No point searching as you get same results and prices as TUI.

Other Players

Travel Supermarkets

These don’t often give a good service and you can end up with rubbish holidays unless you’re particularly good at doing your own research.  There are often a lot of add ons like transfers and expensive baggage costs.   But if you have the time and energy and love spending hours on research – then go ahead. 

Hotel Sites

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Travel Guides

The Unconventional Route – a great honest blog.  From one person though!


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World Weather Maps

Websites to help You with your research

  • Flightmapper
  • SiteScanner
  • tripadvisor reviews.  

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