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What is Inter-Professional Learning and Why do it?

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“Interprofessional learning is an educational process through which two or more health professions engage in learning WITH, FROM and ABOUT each other.”
(WHO, 2010)

“Interprofessional education occurs when students or members of two or more professions   learn with, from and about each other to improve collaboration and the quality of care.  
(CAIPE 2013)

The aim is 

  • to enhance understanding of others’ professional roles and responsibilities
  • to increase knowledge of particular clinical skills or topics
  • and to help develop skills needed for effective teamwork.

And doing all of this will ultimately…

  • Enhance the quality of care we provide
  • Create safe and effective teams
  • Reduce duplicaiton and error
  • Result in greater efficiency and continuity
  • Increase satisfaction of staff and patients.

Take Child Safeguarding for example.  

A decade or so ago, it was only the GPs that met up in a practice to discuss “children at risk”.    But are they the only ones involved in their health and safety?  Nowadays we have inter-professional groups consisting of GPs, practice nurses, an admin person or two, the health visitors and sometimes a social worker. And surely this seems the sensible way to go – we are all involved in their care, so we should all be working and learning together to try and achieve better patient outcomes and care.

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