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Welcome to the Bradford VTS – the independent vocational training scheme website for everyone, not just Bradford!   Bradford VTS provides a wealth of free medical resources primarily for GP trainees, their trainers and TPDs.  Our users also include other doctors, Associate Physicians, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Medical Students, Nurse Students and other health professionals – both qualified and in training.  Information is provided freely (as long as you do not use it for a commercial purpose).   Our basic belief is in sharing information and knowledge so that we can learn and develop with each other.  We welcome training resources and educational material from all our users – providing it is copyright free – please do send it via [email protected]   


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Dr. Ramesh Mehay, Bradford, UK

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Please click here to find out more about the amazing PRACTITIONER HEALTH SERVICE FOR GPs & GP TRAINEES. Addiction? Mental Health? Stress? – please call them now.


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Lots of doctors struggle with money. You are not alone. So please don’t suffer in silence. There are people and organisations out there to help you. Click the link below to find out more.


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The Essential Handbook of GP Training and Education (for GP Trainers) is written by over 80 GP Educators .  Coordinated and edited by Dr Ramesh Mehay. Click the button for a discount.


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"The highest education is that which merely does not give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence"

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remember the past

Since 2001

Yes, that’s right.  The Bradford VTS website has been helping GP Trainees and Trainers since 2001.  If you want to take a look at an early version (2004) of our website, click here.

The aim of this website has always been…

to facilitate the development of doctors who are reflective practitioners.

"to be trained is to arrive, to be educated is to continue to travel"

Kenneth Calman, 1941- (Former Chief Medical Officer UK) Tweet
Marie Scully
Marie ScullyProgramme Director (Co. Meath, Ireland)
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"The Bradford VTS website is a fantastic resource. I particularly highlight Ram's 5+5 CSA consultation method!"
Tim Sandars
Tim SandarsProgramme Director (North Cumbria)
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"THE resource that every trainee, trainer and TPD must know about! We'd be lost without it."​
Peter Milburn
Peter MilburnProgramme Director (Medway, Kent)
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“Your publications are a precious resource enabling quality teaching whilst being a busy full time GP!”​
Aman Arora
Aman AroraProgramme Director (West Midlands)
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"A must-use resource that I tapped into as a trainee and now as medical educator. 5 stars!"
Marion Lynch
Marion LynchDeputy Director (NHS England South)
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"The big, clever and fun 'go to' resource site perfectly ideal for all clinical educators."​
Fergus Donaghy
Fergus DonaghyProgramme Director (Belfast, N Ireland)
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"Bradford VTS is our go-to web resource for trainees, trainers and PDs - so comprehensive and so au courant."
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