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Dr. Ramesh Mehay, Bradford, UK

For those of you doing the RCA


I can totally understand your frustration and panic.   


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GP trainees, their GP trainers & the newly qualified

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Volunteering opportunity in India

Dear All I am a trustee of the Indian Rural Health Trust, which is a UK charity that raises money for IRHS, the Institute for Rural Health Studies. This runs an amazing rural health service in Mahbubnagar District near Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, S India. It is one of the poorest rural communities in India, and

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Extinction Rebellion….

Dear all I’ve had this letter from Bing Jones, a retired doctor involved with Extinction Rebellion in Sheffield. He says, “I have written an open letter for worried doctors and hope you feel able to sign and share”. The letter itself is very clear with useful references and signing is quick and easy.  Please consider

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The Essential Handbook

The Essential Handbook of GP Training and Education (for GP Trainers) is written by over 80 GP Educators coordinated and edited by Dr Ramesh Mehay. Click the button for a discount on your order.

Our Amazon Bookshop

Please order your GP training books from our Amazon bookshop. We don't get much (only about 4%) but every bit helps. Thank you.

I am struggling...

Please click here to find out more about the amazing PRACTITIONER HEALTH SERVICE FOR GPs & GP TRAINEES. Addiction? Mental Health? Stress? - please call them.

I've got money problems

Lots of doctors struggle with money. You are not alone. So please don't suffer in silence. There are people and organisations out there to help you. Click below to find out more.
Marie Scully
Marie ScullyProgramme Director (Co. Meath, Ireland)
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"The Bradford VTS website is a fantastic resource. I particularly highlight Ram's 5+5 CSA consultation method!"
Tim Sandars
Tim SandarsProgramme Director (North Cumbria)
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"THE resource that every trainee, trainer and TPD must know about! We'd be lost without it."​
Peter Milburn
Peter MilburnProgramme Director (Medway, Kent)
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“Your publications are a precious resource enabling quality teaching whilst being a busy full time GP!”​
Aman Arora
Aman AroraProgramme Director (West Midlands)
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"A must-use resource that I tapped into as a trainee and now as medical educator. 5 stars!"
Marion Lynch
Marion LynchDeputy Director (NHS England South)
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"The big, clever and fun 'go to' resource site perfectly ideal for all clinical educators."​
Fergus Donaghy
Fergus DonaghyProgramme Director (Belfast, N Ireland)
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"Bradford VTS is our go-to web resource for trainees, trainers and PDs - so comprehensive and so au courant."
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