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While we may not receive any financial support from official organisations, we’ve made a conscious choice to bid farewell to those pesky ads that can turn your learning experience into a digital obstacle course. We’ve got your back!   Now, here’s where you come in, our incredible community. If you have the means to lend a hand and make a yearly contribution, you would be our superheroes! Rest assured, we’re not about locking this treasure trove of knowledge behind password-protected paywalls. We’re all about keeping it open, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone.

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It’s finally here!  An online community platform for the whole of the UK.   Connecting gp trainees together.  Connecting GP Trainers.  Connecting TPDs together.  The aim is to LEARN, SHARE & SUPPORT from one another.     iOS & Android apps for your mobile.    Better than Facebook which is full of noise,  messy interruptions from other Facebook groups, and where key message posts disappear with time.    Instead, keep work and life separate.  Do all your GP training stuff on one platform.  Enjoy learning as you network and make friends with YOUR tribe – people in your region, people outside of it and even those from the country where you were born!     Click here to learn more…

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Please call, there are people to help.  You’re not alone; lots of doctors struggle. Addiction? Mental Health? Stress? Please call them now.

I've got money problems

Lots of doctors struggle with money. You are not alone. So please don’t suffer in silence. There are people and organisations out there to help you. Click the link below to find out more.

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Listen Compassionately By Karen Forshaw GP Doncaster (Yorkshire & the Humber) By Chrisssie Mowbray Chartered Physiotherapist (Yorkshire) When we run our resilience courses, delegates often describe having their energy drained when they interact with patients. We have all experienced this, but the question is, are patients taking our energy from us or are we giving

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Latest scams – don’t be caught out

Hi all I just thought I write a post warning you about some of the scams that are becoming very common at the moment.   I’d be upset to see anyone in  our GP trainer and training community get caught and stung by these.  Here is a list.  Remember,  if you are unsure about someone calling

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Where are we with wellbeing?

Where are we with Wellbeing? a reflection By Karen Forshaw GP Doncaster (Yorkshire & the Humber) By Chrisssie Mowbray Chartered Physiotherapist (Yorkshire) Unfortunately, the statistics are rather dismal: The GMC national training survey 2021 reports that: 33% of trainees feel burnt out to a high/very high degree because of their work. Three in five trainees

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Return With Resilience:

Are you ready to return to work? Join us for a 2-day interactive workshop designed to equip you with all the tools you need to return to work with confidence, enhanced skills and a resilient mindset. We will show you how to:

  • Measure your current resilience
  • Take a deep dive into the psychology that supports improved mental wellbeing
  • Master the core skills required for resilience
  • Develop a bespoke toolkit to foster wellbeing and resilience for the rest of your career.

For more information and to book your free place use the links below

How to Manage Difficult Conversations:

NHS staff have the most difficult roles because we regularly work with people who are frightened, upset and anxious and may project those feelings outwards. We are often required to give bad news. Other difficult consultations involve people with medically un-explained symptoms who may have been labelled as ‘heartsink’ patients. Complex consultations such as these can generate negative feelings within us such as doubt, dread, fear, sadness and despair. As a consequence, we may find ourselves leaving work feeling depleted and unable to recharge On this full day course you will learn how to manage difficult consultations in such a way that your wellbeing and the doctor-patient relationship remains intact. As a result, you will consult more expertly and efficiently reducing the risk of complaints whilst re-kindling the joy of work

For more information and to book your free place use the links below

How to Manage Conflict:

Most of our unhappiness is caused by conflict. External conflict directly mirrors where we need to work within the Self. When we are emotionally triggered we behave in an unconscious way and this contaminates all of our responses which in turn influence our environment leading to complaints and burnout. On this 1 day course you will learn how internal conflict is generated and the effect it has on you and those around you. You will also learn how to deal with any external conflict that arises in terms of de-escalation, harvesting the lessons of the interaction and reducing any negative impact on your wellbeing

For more information and to book your free place use the links below

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Did you know: Bradford VTS doesn’t get much money from large external sources.  In fact, a lot of the funding comes out of our own pocket and contributions from kind people – mostly your trainers. 

We try to keep the site as FREE as possible. Occasionally we ask for money for the odd resource.    We rely on this bit of money to help fund us.   We don’t ask for much as you can see (compare it to the 100s you pay for courses).    We hope you think we are reasonable and fair. 

Please, please, please contribute.  It is an unfortunate fact that most of our funding comes from GP trainers and very little from Trainees.  If you would like to change this, then please click on the contribution page here.

Bradford VTS was created in 2002 for one main reason – to faciliate the development of doctors who are reflective practitioners.   So Dr Ramesh Mehay decided to create a platform where Trainers, TPDs and Trainees can share ideas, knowledge and skills so that we can co-create to produce wonderful new things effortlessly.  And Bradford VTS has stood the test of time… if you want to see an earlier 2004 version, click here.  You may need some sunglasses!  Remember, the internet was relatively new back then.   Bradford VTS is made with ❤ by Dr Ramesh Mehay and others, often in our spare time.


"The highest education is that which merely does not give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence"

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Induction Handbook for GP Posts

"to be trained is to arrive, to be educated is to continue to travel"


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Marie ScullyProgramme Director (Co. Meath, Ireland)
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Bradford VTS was created by Dr. Ramesh Mehay, a Programme Director for Bradford GP Training Scheme back in 2001. Over the years, it has seen many permutations.  At the time, there were very few resources for GP trainees and their trainers so Bradford decided to create one FOR EVERYONE. 

So, we see Bradford VTS as  the INDEPENDENT vocational training scheme website providing a wealth of free medical resources for GP trainees, their trainers and TPDs everywhere and anywhere.  We also welcome other health professionals – as we know the site is used by both those qualified and in training – such as Associate Physicians, ANPs, Medical & Nursing Students. 

Our fundamental belief is to openly and freely share knowledge to help learn and develop with each other.  Feel free to use the information – as long as it is not for a commercial purpose.   

We have a wealth of downloadable resources and we also welcome copyright-free educational material from all our users to help build our rich resource (send to

Our sections on (medical) COMMUNICATION SKILLS and (medical) TEACHING & LEARNING are perhaps the best and most comprehensive on the world wide web (see white-on-black menu header section on the homepage).