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SABA Over-Reliance

Over-reliance on SABA inhalers is a global problem and one that we are yet to crack. How about reframing the issue?

  • A GTN spray has up to 200 puffs in it; the same as many SABA inhalers. Are we happy with our patients having 200 puffs of a GTN spray for ‘just a bit of a chest pain’? Probably not
    How have we become so comfortable with our patients with asthma having 200 puffs a month for ‘just a bit of breathlessness’?
  • Start a conversation with your patient/colleagues today about over-reliance on SABA – see the Asthma Right Care Slide Rule
Who needs Oxygen
  • People with COPD and a persistent resting stable oxygen saturation of 92% or less should be assessed for their suitability for long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) by referring to the local oxygen team / BOC.
  • For GPs to order oxygen for palliative or cluster headache patients they need to complete a HOOF A form (see link below on ‘how to guide’) and send to Baywater.
  • HOOF confirmations/prescriptions need to be sent to the central mailbox: [email protected] .
  • For more information see the Good HOOF Guide (2020)

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