Some wonderful news

Yes, we're going to try keeping Bradford VTS alive. Will you help?

Are you able to give a small recurring annual contribution?


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Ramesh Mehay

I'd like to say a personal thank you for your generous and freely given contribution.

-------WATCH THIS SPACE--------

Get ready for a brand new look, updated content, old content removed, new stuff to help with the CSA and AKT and MRCGP in general.  Also planned are more resources for Trainers, updated online resources, updated video resources.   Revamped Educational Supervision pages.  They'll even be a separate FORUM area for trainees, for trainers and for practice managers - so you can all chat and collaborate with each other and make training easier and fun!   It's going to be exciting!  But only if the site can secure funding.

Ramesh Mehay

And in case you don't know what this is about...

HEE have a zero digital spend plan which basically means it can no longer fund websites like BradfordVTS.      I was going to close it down, but a number of you have said how much of an invaluable resource it is and if I could keep it going via a contributions page.     I have no idea how much to ask you for, but is a contribution of £20 something you would be able to consider?


Did you know that you can also advertise a job, a post and even a course on this website?    Imagine your advert on a site which nearly all GP trainees, newly qualified GPs and their trainers in the UK & Ireland frequently use.  Alternatively, copy this web address to your Practice Manager: