Update 3rd May 2017

I am currently setting up a donations page to hopefully get enough funds to keep this site going.   After that, I'll be spending time revamping and updating the website as many of you want this site to continue.  Watch this space over the next 2 weeks.  Lots of new CSA and other training  resources to come!


Update 3rd Feb 2017

Thanks to the many of you who have written to me personally to say how much you value this website.   And I can't describe how that makes me feel.   It has also given me the energy to want to keep it open and update it. But I need funding to do that.  Can you help?   How would you feel about £10-£20?   A donation tab will be coming shortly. Hopefully a new fresher look with updated pages that is  still password free.  What do you think?



-------WATCH THIS SPACE--------

If I can manage to secure enough funding through donations etc then...

Get ready for a brand new look, updated content, old content removed, new stuff to help with the CSA and AKT and MRCGP in general.  Also planned are more resources for Trainers, updated online resources, updated video resources.   Revamped Educational Supervision pages.  They'll even be a separate FORUM area for trainees, for trainers and for practice managers - so you can all chat and collaborate with each other and make training easier and fun!   It's going to be exciting!  But only if the site can secure funding.  Donations pages coming up soon (within next  week).


11th May 2017

Please read this...

Health Education England have implemented something called a 'zero digital spend' which means that Deaneries can no longer fund websites like this.    Some of you may have realised that www.bradfordvts.co.uk has remained static for the last 3-4 months, and this is the reason for this.  Currently, I am trying to find ways of funding this website to help keep it alive and free to all of you that find it so immensely helpful.

If you have any suggestions please email me on rameshmehay@googlemail.com

It would be shame to see all these free and wonderful resources disappear.

Ramesh Mehay   Dec 2016