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mostly GP trainees, their GP trainers and the newly qualified


Most of these pages should be available.  All of them will be updated shortly.  


Most of these pages should be available.  All of them will be updated shortly.


Courses & Workshops

Most of these pages should be available.  All of them will be updated shortly.


Other Medical Services

accountants & advisors

medical protection agencies

medical equipment

The Essential Handbook

The Essential Handbook of GP Training & Education edited by Dr Ramesh Mehay is the standard textbook for new & established GP trainers. Click the book icon for more information.
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Bradford VTS Bookshop

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The GP Health Service for GPs & GP trainees

Are you currently experiencing any form of difficulty?

The GP Health Service is here to help.   It is a confidential NHS service for GPs and GP trainees in the UK.  The GP Health Service can help with issues relating to a mental health concern, including stress or depression, or an addiction problem, in particular where these might affect work. Access the service by

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"The Bradford VTS website is a fantastic resource. I particularly highlight Ram's 5+5 CSA consultation method!"
marie scully
Marie Scully
Programme Director
Co. Meath (Ireland)
“Your publications are a precious resource enabling quality teaching whilst being a busy full time GP!”
John Perkins
GP Trainer
"THE resource that every trainee, trainer and TPD must know about! We'd be lost without it."
Tim Sanders2
Tim Sanders
Training Programme Director
(North Cumbria)
"Bradford VTS is our go-to web resource for trainees, trainers and PDs - so comprehensive and so au courant."
Fergus Donaghy
Training Programme Director
Belfast, Northern Ireland
"If GP trainees ask for other sources of quality information - answer, always the Bradford VTS Website!"
peter milburn
Peter Milburn
Training Programme Director
(Medway, Kent)
"The big, clever and fun 'go to' resource site perfectly ideal for all clinical educators."
Marion Lynch
Deputy Medical Director
(NHS Enlgand South)
"A must-use resource that I tapped into as a trainee and now as medical educator. 5 stars!"
aman arora
Aman Arora
Training Programme Director
(West Midlands)
"The best place for advice on GP training for trainees, trainers or others. A Treasure Trove!"
mike tomson1
Mike Tomson
Associate Postrgraduate Dean
(Yorkshire & Humber)
"Concise, factually up to date and comprehensive resource Meets the needs of trainee and trainer"
Paul Molloy
Paul Molloy
GP Trainer
(Derry, Northern Ireland)