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Resources are designed around the RCGP’s Curriculum (plus additional sections by Bradford VTS).

These online resources are primarily organised according to the RCGP’s GP curriculum headings. The RCGP’s curriculum has 4 contextual statements accompanied by 21 clinical areas.  What this means is that you are expected to provide evidence of learning in the 21 curriculum headings within the 4 contextual statements.   Confused?  Think of it this way…

  • The 4 contextual statements define from a bird’s-eye view of what it is to ‘Be a GP’ ( Being a GP = the ultimate ‘core’ statement of the GP Curriculum). 
  • ‘Being a GP’ is demonstrated at ground-level via the 21 clinical areas.

Perhaps this explanation will serve some of you better…  Context is what gives something meaning. For example, the word ‘trip’ can have several meanings.

  • The trip to India was fab.
  • I was tripped out on Ecstasy.
  • I banged my head because I tripped over the cable.
  • I really tripped up in that CSA exam.

Can you see how in each of these cases, it is the context that defines the word and gives it meaning? Likewise, the 4 contextual statements define what it is ‘to be a GP’ – your ultimate destination. This enables us to map out the areas in which we are expected to perform them ( = the 21 clinical interpretive statements).   We at Bradford VTS have added a few additional ‘clinical’ sub-folders of our own.  This is to cater for those items which we found difficult to place elsewhere.

Knowing yourself & relating to others

Working in systems of care

2-02 Patient Safety & Quality

2-04 Enhancing Professional Knowledge

3-01 Healthy People

Clinical Knowledge

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