Which WPBA at Which Stage?

Which WPBA components at which stage?

  • This document stipulates the MINIMUM CBD, COT and mini-CEX requirements: you should aim to do significantly more!  And they all need to be done in a timely way (i.e. spread out and not all last minute) before the ARCP panels in June.
  • COTs vs. mini-CEX: If the GP trainee spends some of their final year in hospital posts, then the point at which COTs take over from mini-CEX may vary.  You do COTs in general practice posts but mini-CEXs instead if in hospital posts.
  • The PSQ: should be used once during months 31 to 34 (ST3, if in primary care).  Another PSQ needs to take place in ST1 or ST2, if the GP trainee is in primary care.  In other words the PSQ will be used only once if the GP trainee is in general practice for 12 months but twice if they have more than 12 months in general practice.
  • DOPS: DOPS should be carried out for each of the eight mandatory procedures. These need to be carried out until the GP trainee is considered competent.

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