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Powerpoint – how much thought do you put into your slides?  Well, it makes a massive difference in terms of what sticks.  Watch this clip – this guy is brilliant.  

In order to change a trainee’s attitude or stereotype that affects his/her understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner – think about telling a powerful story than a generic explanation.  Sometimes a good idea isn’t enough to drive social change; more important is how you communicate that idea – the way your frame it or tell your story.  In this clip, I love Ivan Illich’s quote at the end.  

Life Matters

How do you speak to yourself?  What words do you use on a daily basis.  Are they postive or negative?  Are they nourishing or draining.   The words you use on a daily basis reflect what sort of life you will live.  And you can change that.  Re-wire your brain.


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