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I’m doing an RCA webinar – this weekend!

Okay, although I love teaching, I’m not usually one for webinars or courses.     But this time, I appreciate many of you feel like you need a lot more support.    So, I’m thinking of doing 2 x 2 hour webinars – where I cover some essentials and any of your questions including how to handle patients, and communication tips. Are you interested?   Remember, I rarely do these so it’s an opportunity…

  1. Dates: Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th Oct 2020
  2. Times: 4.00-6.00pm
  3. Cost: £35 for each session
  4. Both sessions WILL BE DIFFERENT.  I will cover different aspects of the RCA.  I recommend signing up to both.  
  5. Places are limited.

What will I cover?

  • Practical Set Up Tips
  • Consultation tips and tricks
  • Complexity of cases – choosing the right ones.
  • Truly understanding the Marking Scheme and what the Examiners are looking for.
  • How to perform to get the marks.
  • Doing examinations.
  • Describing Clinical Management.
  • Top Tips in Data Gathering
  • Top Tips in Clinical Management
  • Top Tips in Interpersonal Skills. 
  • Demonstrations.
  • A marking sheet – for you and your trainer
  • Ask your questions session.
  • This plans to be an interactive set of webinars – not just me talking throughout.  

Yes, sign me up to this RCA webinar opportunity

I strongly urge you to sign up to both sessions as I will be covering different things in both.

Session 1 – Sat 24th Oct 4-6pm (£35) – click here to register
Session 2 – Sun 25th Oct 4-6pm (£35) – click here to register

We have learn’t a lot from the first round of RCA – the picture seems clearer.   But it is still relatively new and it is not surprising that there are so many trainees who don’t know whether they’re on the right path.   I totally feel for you!   

I don’t do these often, but I’m thinking of doing a webinar to help ease the stress and provide good practical guidance and demonstration; including new stuff based on feedback from the examiners. 

Even though I have been running the Bradford VTS GP training website for over 18 years, this will only be the second time I will be appearing in front of a camera!  And spaces will be limited.

So come and join me for this rare moment where I’ll be sharing some stuff they never tell you.  

Please do not share your password and link with other people who have not registered. This webinar has been set to only allow you to hook up with ONE device. So if you share it with anyone else and they log in, you will not be able to. Proceeds help keep Bradford VTS free for you. Help to keep it alive x

5 thoughts on “I’m doing an RCA webinar – this weekend!”


    I paid and registered for the webinar at 9am this morning. I have e mailed to ask for an invite and still haven’t received anything! I’d like a refund or an invite to the webinar ASAP!

    1. Hi Lamisha,
      I am terribly sorry that you did not manage to get logged in. Of course, the refund is absolutely okay. I just cannot see a payment made under your name. Please can you email me and tell me the name of the paypal account to paid from? Ramesh (PS I tried contacting you on the email above but not heard from you as yet).

    2. Not sure how to delete this now. But Dr Ram got back to me straight away and I’ve managed to watch both recorded versions of the webinars.

      Just finished watching both webinars. They were so helpful and so many little nuggets of useful information that I’m actually looking forward to start recording now! Also thank you so much for the link of the analogies.. I really struggle with on the spot examples and this will be great!

      Thank you for getting back to me straight away and sorting this out for me! Really would recommend anyone who’s about to start recording to watch this.

      Thank you once again!

  2. Hi,
    I am a great fan of VTS Bradford. I would like to learn and prepare for RCA using your resource.
    Do you have any more RCA related webinars coming up in near future. I was doing AKT, so could nit attend any of the above.

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