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Annual Leave Entitlement

What is my Annual Leave Entitlement?

It depends what point you are on the StR pay scale.

  • Up to point 02, annual leave entitlement is 25 days in a GP post, 27 days in a hospital post (as they get 2 extra statutory days).
  • Point 03 and above entitlement is 30 days in GP, 32 in a hospital post (i.e. 5 extra days).

[quote]A trainee who starts GP training straight from Foundation Year and assuming they do a full-time 3 year programme will be…[/quote]

        • on the minimum point of the StR pay scale in ST1 (point 00)
        • point 01 in ST2
        • point 02 in ST3

So the majority of trainees are only entitled to 25 days of annual leave.

There can be confusion thinking that ST3 equals point 03 on the pay scale, but it doesn’t necessarily.

You only become point 03  if you’ve worked in other posts after Foundation BUT before joining the GP training scheme (e.g. you’ve changed career).

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